Week 91! May 30, 2016

This week was great! We sure saw miracles! We found 8 NEW INVESTIGATORS this week. Surely blessed. God helped us out a ton. We had people just show up to church and they are part members who just moved here. We had people call us and want us to teach them English and the Gospel. We got a headquarters referral from Salt Lake. We finally met with people we’ve been trying to meet with. The work is moving forward.

We met this guy from China and I gave him his English name, Jay. That’s for you Dad. He liked it. He’s going to New York soon but he’ll be back.

We met the *** family who live out in Katy. They already know a member that they used to live with and they are super interested in joining a church who people don’t go to just to find friends. They want to really worship God!!

We met with Brother *** and his wife, ***. They go to another church but they are interested in our church and they love reading books so of course they have a Book of Mormon.

There is a guy named Brother *** and he married this lady from China. He doesn’t speak a lick of Chinese, she doesn’t speak a lick of English. They met online.

Last week flew by too. Craziness. This next week is going to be awesome as well. Love the Lord and am truly blessed.

Quote of the week is – Sacrifice What You Are For What You Will Become. We have a high potential, are we willing to give up those things we like for what God wants us to become. I’m striving to become more and more like Jesus Christ. It sure is a process though.

Love ya’ll out there. Have a good summer. It came fast and it will be done fast as well! Not counting or anything but I’ll be home in exactly 77 DAYS from today#I’mNotTrunky

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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