Week 90! May 23, 2016

I learned a lot this week. Truly had to practice some patience this week. We had a few appointments this week but our investigators/potentials all canceled on us. Literally all of them. We did set up for *** and it worked out but it sure is annoying when people cancel. *** made it to church this week which was good. We set up a his Baptismal date for June 11th/12th. This date will help push *** but won’t be too fast we think.

We found 3 more complexes of Chinese People and they are pretty tough to get into but it’s great. Now we have more places to go. We also found this new investigator in one of the complexes and we were on this street and we knocked on this door of supposedly a family named *** and we found a part member family! Miracles do exist!!

We found this Senior Center full of Chinese people and the manager said we could go there everyday from 12:00 to 1:00 and pretty much do whatever we want, just talk with old people. We’re going to share some lessons and learn how to play Chinese chess better.

That’s pretty much it from his week. It was a good memorable week for sure. I learned a lot.

A message from our Mission President’s wife –
I found a little formula to help me with my prayers and hopefully it can help you as well. It is simply this—whenever you ask for something you want and you’re not totally sure if it’s something God wants for you, tack on the phrase “but if not” and then add something you’re sure God would want for you.

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass”.
Get out there and do the small things and I know God will bring us Great Results for the Small and Simple Things we do each day!

Love Ya’ll out there

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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