Week 89! May 16, 2016

Houston, We Have A Problem!!! Flash Floods Everywhere!

This week was a good week. Our numbers were a little low this week but we tried our best. There sure were some frustrating moments when people don’t come to church and people cancel on us and don’t answer doors but it’s still fun and we don’t let the disappointments put us down.

This week we moved apartments and our new apartment is super nice (compared to our old one). We had to move most everything by ourselves and we made a bunch of little trips in our car because we packed everything up and we were all ready to go then the truck and trailer were not going to be available to come get our stuff so we did it ourselves. We finished the job this morning with the help of the truck. We were sleeping on the ground for a little bit and then I slept on the air mattress with a hole in it.

We had our zone conference this week and it was great. Of course after the conference everyone leaves on a spiritual high and we just want to go out there and work. It’s a great feeling. We had a great motto/slogan given from an office missionary. Step it up. He’s hilarious and told us this long story how it came to be. I like the slogan, we’ll try stepping it up this week for sure.

Saturday was an eventful day. We went out to work and visited *** and then went to China Town. It started raining really hard so we started off to visit a member we knew would be home. Traffic was really bad and were were wondering why. We were kinda stuck but we got through a neighborhood and took a shortcut. Well, we found out why everyone was stopped. Floods!! We got stuck in a flood and all we could do was pull into this parking lot and the only food around was a Baskin Robbins so we had ice cream for dinner while we were waiting. We were there for well over 3 hours though. We helped a few people push their cars out of the flood water (ruined our shoes) and helped this lady push her car out of the mud. All these Hispanic guys were awesome and they were helping people just like us. I love how people are so willing to help others here. We met a few Chinese people and we were talking to this lady and we found out she was a less active member who said she wasn’t a member anymore. She was super nice and seemed like a member to me haha.

Sadly, on Sunday *** didn’t make it to church so he won’t be getting baptized on the 28th but we’ll keep helping him make it to church and prepare for baptism. We had Branch Council after church on Sunday and it was actually a really good Branch Council! I was impressed.

That’s all for this week.

Love ya’ll out there. We’re really busy today with the move and all. Gotta go do things, get the work done!

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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