Week 88! May 9, 2016

This week was great! *** now has a date for May 28th! We’re going to help him prepare for his date. We also had 7 non-members at Church yesterday not including their children. Good job members fellowshipping our investigators and inviting friends to church. We also had a bunch of family and friends come in so we easily hit 100 people I bet. I didn’t count though.

We found a few new investigators last week and we have some more potentials that we know we can turn into news this week.

We got a headquarters referral from Temple Square which rarely happens. Her name is Sister ***. She went to Salt Lake and then got a Book of Mormon, then read it on the plane and some more when she got to Houston. She’s already finished it and it’s probably only been 1 week. She’s super cool but doesn’t necessarily believe in God yet. She might be one of those Golden’s who get baptized and then go back to China. She’s leaving on the 22nd. We’ll get her before she goes home!!

Last week we went to the National Prayer day and it was super interesting. There was this one lady that was praying and it was super intense. She was like yelling up there. Glad we don’t pray like that in our Church.

I got to go on an exchange with the Zone Leaders and I went to their area. They are Spanish Elders haha. I literally didn’t understand what was going on at all. I felt like I was in a different world. Like I’ve never seen that here in Houston. No Chinese people live over there. It was a good experience that’s for sure!

Mother’s Day was awesome. I got to Skype with the whole Fam!! First time since I came out on the mission. Luckily Max was on at the same time so we got to talk Chinese together. It sounds so weird hearing him in Chinese ha.

We’re planning on moving apartments this Thursday. It keeps getting pushed back but I think this Thursday it will actually happen.

More news from this week. The Hong Kong Elder got pushed back another transfer so looks like the Chinese Trinity will be together until Elder Peterson dies. We also have another American coming in in October so looks like Elder Freeland will be training 3 missionaries at the same time. Good thing his Chinese is good. We are still hoping the Hong Kong Elder will come in. He sure would help out Elder Freeland a lot.

This week we have Zone Conferences so that should be sweet. Waiting for cool training’s from President.

We’re shooting for 2 more baptisms this Transfer. I know we can do it. If not this transfer the beginning of next transfer

I forgot to bring my planner today so no cool scriptures, Normally I write them down in there.

Love ya’ll out there
Elder Wimmer


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