Week 85! April 18, 2016

Starting off the transfer strong. WE GOT A BAPTISM!!!!

*** is her name and she’s super cool and super nice. She’s going back to China this Saturday so we had to get her before she went home. We taught her basically everyday. We saw miracles and the Gospel really did change her life. The Word of Wisdom really does bring blessings. Her baptism was really cool and she got there and she wanted her son *** to get baptized as well. We already told her he wouldn’t be able to get baptized but the members told her he needs to get baptized with you. The end result… He’s getting baptized this Friday right before *** leaves and ***’s father get’s here on Thursday so he’s going to be able to see his son get baptized, then we’re going to teach him!!

We’re still working with a few other investigators and they are slowly progressing. We’re really trying to find new people to teach.

There was a huge flood that happened today. Supposedly it was pretty bad and some homes got flooded, here comes a week of service. I heard that some missionaries cars were lost. We’re totally fine. There were a few streets that were flooded but now they are fine. We thought we were going to have to stay in doors all day.
New things sure come everyday and you can never completely plan for them. Some other news.
We’re moving apartments soon. We though we were moving this week but we’ll be moving in about 3 week or so. We live in the armpit of the mission right now and we’re moving to a really nice apartment. Finally getting away from Stafford Run!!!

What you sow today, you will reap tomorrow! It’s a true statement.

Talking about Obedience… It’s super important and I know this to be true
Our mission president’s wife sent us this.

Obedience is following the rules because you know they will keep you safe and bless your efforts as a missionary.  Obedience is waking up at 6:30 even when your body tells you to sleep in. Obedience is exercising.  Obedience is backing up your companion. Obedience is keeping your car and apartment clean. Obedience is coming in on time. Obedience is being exactly obedient and not looking for ways to bend the rules.

“Obedience to the Lord’s commands, in spite of how trivial or unimportant we believe them to be, will surely bring His promised blessings.” -Bruce A. Carlson

Next week I’ll right abut how *** and his mom are doing. Hopefully how the baptism went. We’re going to be busy teaching *** everyday this week.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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