Week 83! April 4, 2016

This week was great! Elder Zhang now only has one week left and then he’s back to China. We’ll see how we merge the two Chinese areas.

I loved having the chance to listen to our Prophet and Apostles. I really enjoyed the Priesthood session! We had some success out on the streets talking with people, we found a lot more potentials that we will turn into investigators.

We couldn’t get *** to church this week and we lost contact with him but we found him today and we are going to visit him tomorrow with a member. We need him to come to church so he can really be prepared for his baptism.

We had a lot of our Branch out for conference because we had lunch in between sessions. It was awesome. I listened to some conference in Chinese and some in English.

Today is Elder Zhang’s last P-day so we’ll try to have some fun today

I started doing some family history work this week and it was a ton of fun. I found a ton of names and I realized just how easy it is to do family history!!

I’m excited for next week and for the things to come. Elder Holland noted that we need not be afraid of tomorrow. Everyday provides a time for us to learn, grow, and build new friendships. I invite everyone to go and reread talks and look over notes that you wrote during conference. The Prophets know what they are talking about and they now how to help us.

Love ya’ll out there

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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