Week 82! March 28, 2016

Easter is now over! Crazy how time keeps flying by. This week was pretty rough for the work but we keep putting our shoulder to the wheel. We know success is just around the corner.

We hit the streets this week and contacted a ton of people. Definitely got a ton of potentials that we can now try. Too bad a lot of them want us to visit them this weekend, we have General Conference!!

*** could make it to church because of last minute having to go into work so he couldn’t get the Priesthood but he’ll get it soon. We’re going to do family history work with him and then we’ll go to the temple with him. Super excited.
I met these triplets ant church who are international students from China and are leaving at the end of the school year. They’ve lived with a pretty less active family but maybe we’ll have an opportunity to teach them before they leave. Miracles can happen!

We had a great Easter program at the church and the Primary was in charge, it was pretty cute. I love the kids in our branch. Sadly *** didn’t make it to church and we can’t get in contact with him but we’ll see what happened.

Also sadly we don’t Spring break as missionaries but I wouldn’t like to take a break anyways. There is no break for the Lord’s work!!

Super excited for General Conference this week!
I challenge everyone to watch every session and bring questions so you can be taught by the Holy Ghost the things that you need to learn and the things you’d like to learn.

This week I kept up my reading in Jesus the Christ and I sure am learning a lot. I’ll have to keep pushing forward if I want to finish any time soon. I’ll do it before the end of my mission though!! 😀

Oh yeah, last thing. Elder Zhang leaves in 2 weeks then we were supposed to have an Elder from Malaysia and Hong Kong come in… They aren’t coming until the end of May. Maybe not even at all, that’s my prediction. We found this out today. Looks like we’ll be holding down the fort with 3 Americans and 2 areas. We’ll see how this will work!
Pray for us!!

Love ya’ll out there


Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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