Week 74! February 1, 2016


Cool things President Russell M. Nelson shared with us.

The Prophet Joseph has received more truth than all the other prophets combined. There is only ONE doctrine in the church, but many doctrine principles, this is the Doctrine of Christ. Doctrines with an s is always negative. When the Church was established, the score was 1 billion (and something) to 6, and that we’re going to win! He also shared some background about the 2 girls from his most recent talk. The 2 girls appeared to him in a dream and told him they hadn’t been sealed to their parents. Elder Nelson went and tried to do the work for them but found out their 90 year old father was still alive and one of their brothers. It was hard to get in contact with these 2 people who had become anti against our church. President Nelson then discussed with them that they needed to prepare to go to the temple so they could be sealed as a family. The family was sealed in the temple last year sometime and Elder Nelson was able to do that sealing! Pretty cool! President Nelson also said “Not to ask for referrals” Wait for it… Earn the referrals. I was shocked for a little bit.

Back to the area.

*** has a date for the 7th! He passed his interview! We’ll see if this is the week he gets baptized. He said he had a dream a few days ago, here’s the dream. He said he saw a pillar of light and then a voice said ***, why haven’t you been baptized yet! He wants to get baptized as soon as possible!! *** is doing great now, we see him everyday.

Sister *** and her daughter came to church and though they thought it was weird that we talked about baptisms for the dead in just about every hour. They like church still.

We found a new investigator and her son. She came to church and then read the Book of Mormon until 1:00 last night. She wants to join our church and her son wants to go to BYU-Hawaii! Super cool people. She called us and asked what church we were from. We said the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She paused, are you that church that has some special meetings in April and October? Yes, that’s us! We drove like 30 miles to her house just to meet her. She’s gonna read the Book of Mormon in a few days she said.

Oh yeah, at the Tri Mission conference with President Nelson I ran into Sister Low. Jaxon’s twin sister. It’s a small world!

Chinese New Year is coming up and we have our party this week, it should be great, lot’s of non-members coming :D.
Oh yeah, gonna try to cut my hair again. We’ll see what it looks like…

Love ya’ll 再见
(I thought it was 在见。。。 Darn it)

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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