Week 72! January 11, 2016

New Mission Motto “B.L.E.B.”


You’d have to know Elder Brumm haha. It’s a good motto.

So it’s the start of a new transfer! Transfer 12! Elder Zhang and I are staying together and Elder Tang and Peterson are together as well. Our District is staying the same.

Big news! Elder Pang is having Visa problems so he’s going to serve in the Malaysia (Singapore) Mission and come in with the other 2 new missionaries. We’ll have 3 new missionaries at the same time.
Elder Pang also might be able to meet the other Elder Wimmer!!

This week we had trouble getting members out with us to work but we still saw miracles! We met a few people that are “Goldenish”, they are super interested but super busy. One guy told us he wants to join our church! That never happens! We visited *** who has been gone forever! She told us she basically left our church so we have some work to do :0!

We met a really cool guy from Austin, he speaks fluent English and if he lived in Houston he’d be getting baptized soon for sure! We met this investigator from England. She’s super set. She was just visiting Houston for the Holidays and then she told us that she already had a book of mormon and that some Elders were teaching her every week in England. She was super nice.

*** is slowly getting ready for baptism. He still wants to get baptized but we need to help him resolve the problems he has with his family. He still wants to invite us out to lunch all the time which makes it hard to teach him.

The Pan family is going back to China so there goes.

Love ya’ll out there

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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