Week 71! January 4, 2016

Wow, last year went Super Quick!
This last week marks my 11th Transfers 5th Week!
Another Transfer down. Many more to come.

Many Great and Not-so Great things have happened in the last month. But good thing I learn something from everything that happens.

We had a great ending of the week with 7! investigators at church. They are all great but they’re going back to China on the 12th :(. Two of them want to get baptized in China and they can because their son is a member. We helped another family yesterday go translate for them and they dropped their daughter off at her teacher’s house and she’s going to live there for the next 5-6 months. Now she’s like 1 hour away from us. Her teacher is super nice but she’s going to take *** to her church :/.

We taught this cool couple *** & ***, they are pretty interested but super busy. They live next door to one of our investigators.

The *** Parents are going to China on the 12th with their son and never coming back to America unless the son randomly comes to visit. They are super nice and bought me a cake for my birthday! Tres Leches! They didn’t know what they were buying but it was super good.

Sister *** bought a pumpkin pie and her family hated it and gave it to me.(She didn’t know it was my birthday but it’s the thought that counts haha). I told her thanks for the birthday present.

I played a really fun card game called Munchkin on New Year’s Eve.

We found a less active member that got baptized on Dec 24th last year. She disappeared and we found her!! She looks fine, I guess she went to China for a while.

A lot of our investigators are getting back from their traveling and a lot of our investigators are now leaving. It’s good and bad.

*** bought a $400 suit for Church, on sunday right before church haha. We’ll teach him about that later. He’s slowly progressing.

We went to this all-you-can-eat Hot Pot place. It was super good but definitely a one time thing. Too expensive for us $140 a month missionaries!

We had 22 people in Gospel Principles! Back to how it used to be at the beginning of my mission.

We started asking Everyone we meet for referrals and though they aren’t much, we now know where chinese people live. Haven’t taught lessons from it but we get to know a lot of people. We found an apartment complex which is at least 1/3 Chinese in the Medical Center (an area of Houston).

Today we are going to go and baptize some people! Don’t know who it is but we’ll make it happen! Praying for miracles!
Go out and spread the gospel. Find the blessing that God wants to pour out on everyone.

Happy 2016!
Make it a good year and remember to Push Forward!!

再见, Adios

Love all you out there!

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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