Week 70! December 28, 2015

This week was a memorable week and was the best! Skyping with the Fam, Eating candy for breakfast, and lunch, and dinner haha. I feel really bad right now by the way… But I love candy, I feel like I’m Buddy the Elf. Here’s the week really fast.

Monday we had a Gingerbread House making competition and I won!! I made a train haha. We played ping pong and then helped set up for the Christmas Conference. We also had a huge choir practice to prepare for the conference.

Tuesday we had a super fun Christmas Conference. I had a great time singing in the mission choir. We watched the Disney Movie “Inside Out”, super funny movie. I bet President Hall’s wife talked him into that one. We had a big talent show, a gift exchange a mission photo and a ton of food. It was super fun, got to catch up with a few missionaries I haven’t seen in awhile.

Wednesday the *** family invited us over for basically our Christmas dinner. It was of course Chinese food and it was really good.

Thursday was hilarious!! So I won these Disney Frozen Mugs and was going to give them to a member’s daughter and our investigator’s daughter. We had a lesson with them all together and one of the girls was crying. We thought that would help but it somehow made it worse. We were all bawling it was super funny. The other 3 or 4 year old started crying because they both wanted both of them and then I can’t explain it but it was funny. You’d have to be there.

Friday was Christmas which means food!! We had Hot Pot with one of our members and then some other Chinese food with another member. It was super good. I was full by the end of the day. I do have to confess that I opened all my presents early before Christmas so I didn’t open any presents on Christmas haha.

Saturday we had correlation in the morning and then I got to skype home and talk with the fam! Everything looks the same as before haha. Nothing changes!! We got to visit with the Jiang family which is always fun. Still didn’t come to church but we’re trying

Sunday we had 3 of our investigators tell us that they weren’t coming to church but we still had 2!! We finally got *** to church. We probably had the best talks of the year given at church by the branch mission leader and his wife. It really was super good. We got to eat dinner with the *** Family and sort of eat American food which is always appreciated ha.

Today is nothing special. We’re going to play some basketball or some other sports. Mom, you’ll be proud of us. We actually cleaned the Apartment really well today. I should’ve taken pictures. Before it had all the christmas stuff everywhere and looked like a disaster

Happy New Year everyone!! Here’s a video to watch


Love you all,

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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