Week 69! December 21, 2015

Another week has FLOWN by! Christmas is just around the corner! Then it’s my birthday! Weird :0

This week was great. Things don’t always go as planned but good things always somehow happen. I learned a lot of things this week.

Our investigator was going to take us to Golden Corral! But didn’t haha. Instead, we had 4 people invite us for food that same day and we had to decline twice. Somehow God helps his missionaries eat :D.

We went to the HCC (Houston Chinese Church) and ate dinner with some homeless people and a bunch of Chinese people. We sang songs and met a bunch of young Chinese people who all speak mainly English. Lots of potentials were found and we taught a lesson to this guy named *** and his wife. They are all super nice but are very active in their church haha.

We taught a lady named ***. She’s super nice and interested. we just need to find more members that that can come out with us to teach her.

We ate lunch with our “Golden investigator” *** and his member friend. He is super set but he likes the English ward he attends too much and he has a returned missionary from Taiwan translate for him the whole time. We’ll get him this week.

We found a family of 3 that are related to a member somehow. The wife is a member’s Aunt I believe. They were going to come to church but the didn’t have car insurance on their car they just bought. They’ve only been her for less than a week. We spent 3 hours with them one day translating for them to get a car and then they didn’t buy one so we had to help them get home (and they were not close to home, like an hour away). Of course we couldn’t drive them so that’s why we were with them for so long. We couldn’t just leave them in the middle of nowhere. It was super funny haha.

We had dinner with the *** family and they taught me how to cook some good Chinese food. They were really good cooks. The food was great too!

Of course our musical sacrament was good on Sunday. We had a lot of members children come in and perform musical numbers. I helped sing a song I’ve never heard of. I also forget the name ha.

To end off the week right Elder Zhang and I had a really strange lesson with this guy we call ***. I guess they used to teach him English and he can’t say the word Headache correctly. It was a good lesson but we had the strangest feelings in the lesson and we both couldn’t teach very well. What I was saying was great but we both had the same feeling to leave and we did. We found a cool potential that lives in the house though. We might go back sometime haha.

Christmas is coming and I can’t wait!

Keep spreading the Christmas spirit and the Gospel. I love everyone out there and wish you all a Merry Christmas

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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