Week 68! December 14, 2015

Christmas is coming!! That means I’m almost 20, weird feeling… :0. I don’t feel like I’m growing up but it’s true!!

So I forgot my planner which has my day to day notes so i’ll just talk about some big things that I remember.

We taught a member’s parents who just got here from China. 2 News!! They will be coming to church next week because right now they are traveling around the US with their son.

We met this cool ABC named *** and her 4 friends. She lives in our Apartment complex and her friends all are Chinese as well, BUT, they all go to the Houston Chinese Church, the biggest Chinese church in Houston. *** accepted a Book of Mormon but she is super busy with work. We see her often though. We also went and did some service with her and her friends giving out food and care packages to homeless people at the park. It was super fun, we also went out to lunch with them.

We went and did some service for Paka, something like that. We helped out at a Houston Holiday home tour and made sure people didn’t steal things and take pictures.

We had Stake conference and Elder Zhang had to translate for a few of the speakers. One lady spoke about Rapunzel and I was laughing because he couldn’t translate it. He did the famous Elder Zhang “what the” and then just paused for a while.

We went to a multi-stake music program that was really cool, the place was packed and it sounded really good.

We also got to visit my favorite less active named *** He asks so many interesting and crazy questions. We don’t know where he gets his stuff from but he’s super funny and he’s serious.

Have a great week!

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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