Week 67! December 7, 2015

One week down in the “New Area”!

This transfer is going to be a lot of fun. I’ve already learned a lot of things. My Chinese isn’t good enough haha. Elder Zhang and Elder Tang have different teaching styles for sure. Elder Tang teaches everything, Elder Zhang wants you to teach everything.

Here’s a few events from the week.

Tuesday the day before Transfers we find 6 new everyday English Students.

Wednesday we had Transfer Meetings and now I’m with Elder Zhang in the other Chinese area. We found ***, she’s our new investigator. Found a new “Golden” investigator, he read the whole Book of Mormon in just over 1 week and wants to get baptized. His name is ***. His parents own an apartment complex, he’s going to come with us to visit every Chinese family! 😀

Thursday I found out that the other area now has 15 English Students coming everyday… A lot more than the normal 3 that I always got. Now I don’t get to teach any of the students but hopefully I’ll see them at church sometime. I got to meet Brother Liu and Zhang, they’re super nice but won’t come to church.

Friday Elder Zhang took his TOEFL test and we had district meeting. We taught English Class at Bellarive and at our Evening English Class.

Saturday we had our Branch Christmas Party. We acted out the Nativity in Chinese. It was good and had a lot of people come. I got to dress up in Biblical times clothing and sang a bunch. We ate lunch with *** and talked about him getting baptized. We went to a really good Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown.

Sunday we met ***’s parents who are here for one month, enough time to get baptized. *** and his parents will go back to China and probably not come back for a long time. We ate dinner with the *** Family. They always feed us too much. I forget the name of what we ate but it was really good.

Today I went to practice in the mission choir and get a new phone because our phone has been broken for the last few days and we haven’t been able to call people, big problem haha.

That’s it from this week!

Happy December!
Go and serve the Poor and Needy

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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