Week 64! November 16, 2015


My back is feeling much better!!! I can sit down and it normally doesn’t hurt. Can’t necessarily play basketball but it’s a slow healing process.

This week we visited *** a lot, he’s now our favorite guy to visit. He better want to serve a mission when the time comes haha. Besides *** we also teach his friend ***, we started teaching him again haha. ***’s friend ***’s Mom is also super nice and lets us visit her. She at least lets us in. I’m not sure if she’s super interested but we’ll help her be.

We had a great Zone Conference! It went super long which isn’t normal but it was super spiritual and I learned a ton.

We met with a few less active members this week and they still don’t want to come to church but at least they listened to us ha. I went on a sweet exchange with Elder Zhang and we taught a few great lessons. We kinda bashed with one of his investigators which was funny. I finally got to OYM someone and it was sweeeett. We walked around the parking lot and I taught him the restoration and talked about the Book Of Mormon. He’s super cool and I hope Elder Zhang and Peterson can keep teaching him the lessons!!

We also had a new English student named ***. He’s a next door neighbor to some Spanish Sisters. He’s super interested in learning English and has great questions about our church. That’s all for this week.

Love ya’ll,

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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