Week 61! October 26, 2015

Transfer Ten!

Wow is it already transfer 10?! :0
Good news! We thought there would be a ton of water and flooding but nothing really happened.

Well another week with Elder Tang went really fast. Time flows by in the Chinese area’s. I’ve been studying Chinese a lot and I’m finally learning a lot quicker now, my goals are set high and we’ll see what happens after this transfer. This week overall was pretty fun.

Monday we had our weekly appointment with *** and I taught him English.

Tuesday was a great day. We taught a less active’s son who is never willing to open the door for us and he seems super nice. We taught a less active’s wife who used to kinda be anti but now we’re teaching her son and her. We had normal English class as well and got to teach ***.

Wednesday no one came to English class but we did do some family history and I found a ton of names, that was cool. We drove to Katy and visited *** and his mom, they fed us dinner! The best part of the day was we visited *** and finally got in. His Dad left to the airport to go back to China 30 minutes after we got there so we got to talk to him for a little. Maybe I’ll still be here when he comes back.

Thursday we taught *** Chinese and then Sister Hall gave us dinner!! Whoo!! We did weekly planning which is hard but necessary, then we had a great basketball night. We had 12 people playing basketball and about another 5 people doing other things, it was super fun and we had 2 new guys show up!

Friday we met with *** and we had a great English class in the evening. This new young IBC (Italian Born Chinese) came. He didn’t come to church on Sunday but his Aunt and Uncle did.

Saturday we had some serious stuff go down with *** and we learned what was really going on, I won’t go into details. Bad things though. Good thing we brought 2 members with us. A member gave us dinner which was really good. We went out in the evening with *** but no one was home.

Sunday *** and his mom came to church which was good, they talked with President Poon. After Church we spent a long time practicing for the Nativity, it would be easy if it wasn’t in Chinese. I need to sing a bunch of songs haha. It’s lots of fun. We brought *** with us and we visited ***, she’s even more crazy then she was before I don’t know how but she is, it was an interesting lesson.

Today we don’t have anything fun planned but we might do something ha.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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