Week 60! October 19, 2015

WELL THERE GOES ANOTHER TRANSFER!!!! Time goes by way too fast.

This week was a really fun week, not that much success though.

Monday we went to the mission office for some things and got our oil changed for our car. We met with *** and he said he’d come to church but he didn’t.

Tuesday we tried meeting with *** but it didn’t work out. We met with *** and listened to some conference talks with him. We taught *** at English class and she gave us some sausage. Our investigators feed us more than our members.

Houston Temple early in the morning

Houston Temple early in the morning

Wednesday we had an awesome temple trip! We didn’t get to do a study inside the temple but it was still a great experience. After the temple I went on exchange and went to the YSA area, that was fun. We met with this guy named *** who has a baptismal date and he’s a character alright. We also had dinner with a member at the House of Pies. We were expecting pizza but it was a literal pie place, it was good pie though.

Thursday the YSA Elders had car problems and we took their car to the dealership and then we did weekly planning. The YSA Elders were with us all day until dinner. They were just messing around and playing the uke, YSA elders… haha. We had an awesome dinner with the *** family. I didn’t know what the names of all the food was but it was good. We also had a small basketball night with not as many people but it still was fun.

Friday we went to the mission office again. We tried some less actives that lived near there but no one was home. We met with Sister *** because she won’t stop calling us. She gave me a bunch of gifts and my birthday present which isn’t for 2 months… I love Sister ***, she’s a great person. We had a good English class in the evening, I met this new guy named *** and though he’s lived here for 40 years he still wants to learn more English. He’s not interested in the gospel but we’ll get him to church somehow.

Saturday was an eventful day. I ran a 10k!! Too far for me haha. We ran for this member who died from cancer. It is called the Brent Event, it was a bunch of fun. A lot of people were there. For lunch we went to brother ***’s house and we ate a ton of meat and some Durian. In the evening Elder Tang and I killed 33 roaches in our apartment, that’s a normal thing but we actually counted once.

Sunday we met with *** with Sister *** and taught him the word of wisdom. He doesn’t even know what it is so that was interesting. He also actually got beat up by some people and got some blood in his lung and stuff it was bad. He’s all good now but he’s still recovering, we gave him a Priesthood blessing which he also hadn’t heard of haha.

Today we actually washed our car. First time in a year I think, it took a long time but it’s fairly clean now. We vacuumed and it cost us like $10. Now we’re at the church and we’re going to go play some volleyball

Love ya’ll

Keep reading your scriptures.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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