Week 59! October 12, 2015



Wow, onto the last week of the transfer. I’ve already been back in the Chinese area for 1 month! It really never felt like I left though. I’m still slowly learning Chinese, it’s still hard. I’ll be slowly pushing along every day of my mission and beyond that when I get home. Maybe someday I’ll finally completely understand what people are talking about.

Somehow I understand what’s going on in the lessons but outside of gospel topics it’s still pretty rough. There are so many words to learn, too much memorizing and I’ve never been good at memorizing haha.

Here’s a summary of the week.

Monday I bought some new shoes and a backpack, they’ve been treating me well.

Tuesday we had a new English class student and she was awesome but she disappeared. We met with *** and she’s still the same.

Wednesday we ate with the *** family for lunch. We met with some less actives and watched some conference talks with them.

Thursday the English elders in our apartment moved and Chinese north stayed with us for the night. We also had a great basketball night and some non members came and it got pretty intense, not really haha but we got a lot of people there.

Friday we helped Chinese north move to a new apartment and then deep cleaned our apartment, it took foreverrr!! We had a really good English class in the evening.

Saturday we went to Katy and tried some really old formers and less actives, it’s been awhile since we’ve been there.

Sunday we met this really cool guy named *** who wants to get baptized but he’s moving this week so that’s lame.

Today we’re aren’t going to be doing anything too special
Sorry ran out of time.

Love ya’ll out there.
Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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