Week 58! October 5, 2015

This weeks highlight was of course General Conference, the work is coming along slowly. Here’s a summary of the week and some stuff from Conference I liked.

Monday we didn’t have any money for food so we were really low on food for the whole week. We went and played volleyball at the church with some other missionaries and then we tried to find some people to talk to in some neighborhoods but we didn’t have much success

Tuesday we taught *** at English class and then we finally met with *** a super less active. He said he’d come to church but he didn’t…

Wednesday we met with ***, ***’s husband and he wasn’t very interested but we did finally get to meet him. We had a lot of fun playing san guo sha with some elders that came to stay the night in our apartments because they had an early training in the morning they needed to go to. We had 8 elders in our apartment haha.

Thursday we went to Cici’s pizza for lunch and I ate way too much, we’ve gone out to eat way too much this week, we’re going to starve at the end of the week. I fell asleep while we were doing weekly planning, that’s a first. We had a really fun basketball night, all the usual’s showed up.

Friday We taught *** and I got to teach this lady named *** at English class. It was a ton of fun, English class is usually a blast. Just hog washing with people and talking about fun things and getting to know people.

Saturday & Sunday were amazing spiritually feeding days and I loved it. It was rough hearing some sessions in Chinese but I tried my best to understand. We got *** to come to one of the sessions and I think she liked it, not sure yet. I loved Conference and I was a little worried about President Monson almost falling down. Here’s some invitations I wrote down from conference:

Step back, look at life, simplify!
Start where you are
Bee strong, be alert
Come to yourself
Love your mother!
Teach the children
Make choices that lead to our goal
Be healed by the savior
Read the book of Mormon cover to cover again
Overcome laziness
Be not afraid, just believe
Love one another
Care for the poor and needy
Save money each week
Ponderize one scripture each week
Trust God, Jesus, the spirit, and the prophets
Here’s my scripture of the week D&C 28:16
16 And thou must open thy mouth at all times, declaring my gospel with the sound of rejoicing. Amen.

Open your mouths and spread the gospel!! I love all of you out there
Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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