Week 55! September 14, 2015

A week of big changes but at the same time normal things that I know.

Tuesday was great! After laundry and cleaning we surrendered our time to help run the missionaries and at first I didn’t want to, like many things pertaining to the Gospel, but afterward I was so happy and I had a greater joy than what I would’ve had playing basketball, I also got to see Elder Mickelson (a Chinese Elder). When we serve the Lord we are filled with Happiness and we receive random rewards that we don’t always expect. To end P-day I packed all my things up.
In the evening I got to go on ward splits and go visit B** for my last time, then we ate ice cream at Brother S**’s house.

Wednesday was transfers and I safely made it to the mission office with all my things and back to the good old Chinese South Area with Elder Tang. Elder Zhang told me I was originally with him until Tuesday night at 9:30 President called him and switched it, weird huh? Revelation from President, I guess. Now Chinese South sometimes works in Chinatown so we went there for the evening and street contacted some people.

Thursday we had weekly planning and our area isn’t the best right now, we need to find more investigators to teach, the same old problem, not much has changed for the area. We had a successful basketball night, a few of the other Chinese elders investigators came and R**’s dad came as well, he’s still not that open to the gospel but we’re working with him slowly.

Friday we met with D** and somehow I left the car on outside her house for like 30 minutes without realizing it, miracle that no one took it!!! We now teach an English class nearer to Chinatown on Friday nights and it was really fun.

Saturday we helped J** do some yard work and we built his ping pong table, actually I pretty much did it myself because we only had one screwdriver, it was really fun though. The Sugar Land 2 Elders came with us to help. We ate dinner at the D**’s and guess what, it was Chinese food. No more American food for me 😦 haha I like Chinese food so we’re good. We taught this Vietnamese lady that was doing some weird thing to Elder Tang’s shoulder and it was supposed to heal it or something, it didn’t work. haha

Sunday was great. Glad to be back with the same branch. Weird that not much has changed. We have a new couple that came from China and 2 youth that left from the branch and went to college. D** came to church which was good. We went and taught C** in the evening and he’s our new investigator. He was taught a year ago but got too busy to meet with missionaries.

Today we’re just starting p-day. We’ll probably play some games and eat some food. Love everyone out there who’s listening. Hope you all have a good week and keep developing your personal testimonies of the gospel.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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