Week 54! September 8, 2015

Did you know what kind of Chinese soup weighs 2000 lbs.? Won Ton!! 🙂 Funny joke my grandma sent me. Makes sense haha.

Last week with Elder Timm and it was fun. I’ll miss working with him but I’m going back Chinese I’m pretty sure. I don’t know which area and they don’t know which area I’ll be going to as well. Really strange but it’ll all work out tomorrow.

Here’s a quick summary of this week’s highlights-

Monday we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and I took a ton of pictures. Later we helped a lady in our ward move

Tuesday we visited with B** and helped him start up his bike, we were with him for too long haha. He loves to talk. Later we tried all our referrals.

Wednesday we ate lunch with B**, Pizza Patron!! We helped Brother F** do yard work. We had an Indian food dinner with Sister K**.

Thursday we helped E** move furniture and he got us pizza, we worked with Elder Robbins and visited some less actives and some members. We had Blue Bell at Sister O**’s!

Friday we had a great Zone Meeting and President Hall came. We helped Brother F** again and he fed us Tuna which was actually not that bad.

Saturday I worked with Elder Gilbert and we visited a bunch of his investigators and members, I didn’t understand anything at all but it was fun, we had some great Hispanic food and I took a lot of pictures. We went out with J** who is the most hilarious big Hispanic guy you’ll ever meet.

Sunday Elder Larson was at church because he came back for the weekend to go to ASU vs. Texas A&M game I think. It was fun talking with him. We had dinner with Brother C** and we visited Brother W**.

Yesterday was Labor day and we didn’t have a holiday haha. We helped C** clean up her house more and take things to her storage units. We also went out to dinner with J** and T** to a Chinese restaurant because they knew I was leaving.

Sorry all out of time for this week but I love all ya’ll out there. Annie don’t get too serious haha.

Thanks for all the support

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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