Week 52! August 24, 2015

This week we bumped up our numbers and we are slowly finding more people and teaching more. We’re going to make this area a baptizing area. Don’t have that much time so I’ll make it quick.

Monday we helped this old lady move and it took like 5 hours, a lot longer than expected, missed part of P-day but it was fun.

Tuesday we met M** and gave her a Book Of Mormon and taught her, hopefully we can meet with her more. We met with some less actives and met this lady named S** and her kids, they were super nice.

Wednesday I was on exchanges with Elder Gilbert and that was fun. We taught B** and tried to find Papa K**. We figured out that Sister O** is going less active and we got to teach K** and she said she would get baptized!!!

THURSDAY HUMMMMPPPP DDDAAAAAYYYYY. HIT MY YEAR MARK!!!!!! It wasn’t that crazy of a day but I did get a package from Mom and Dad, thanks for the candy!! We did weekly planning and we had an awesome dinner with a member and our two investigators B** and R**. We also met with T** and Brother W**, we were pretty busy all day.

Friday there was crazy rain so no one was outside. We did a bunch of service though. We helped B** go to Fiesta and then helped J** and T** in their storage unit. It took up a lot of time. We had pizza for lunch and dinner because people like feeding missionaries pizza which I don’t have a problem with.

Saturday we finally found Papa K** and he wanted to come to church and was wondering why we never come over but we knock on his door all the time and he doesn’t answer. We met with J** and she and D** need some help so we tried teaching them the gospel.

Sunday B** finally came to church and loved it. Papa K** didn’t make it and R** didn’t either. J** and T** came and Mrs. R** and J**. K** didn’t make it but we still had 7 at church. We had dinner with the G** family, go Mexican food.

Today we are just at the church emailing and we’re gonna play some basketball.

Thanks everyone out there for listening, may you all have a good week
Love you!

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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