Week 51! August 17, 2015

This week was a bunch of fun, the work is slowly picking up. We still had times of disappointment and it’s hard but it’s fun experiencing new things and events every day. Here’s my summarized week.

Monday we played basketball at the church and played some soccer. Our appointments canceled on us but we met some cool people. The H9 elders lost their keys so they slept over at our apartment.

Tuesday we helped Sister B** with her house again, we got some Pizza Patron, so good. We had dinner with the H** family who are super nice. There was some pretty heavy rain but we survived, we had to go pick up the other elders though.

Wednesday I went with Elder Roskeley on exchanges. Working the Spanish area but we mostly spoke English. We biked really far and OYM’d some people. Lots of crazy people out there. Everyone has interesting stories. We had a really good dinner. Spanish members feed well. We found a donkey that was just walking along the road, I wanted to ride it but it had major fleas and was pretty gross.

Thursday we had zone conference and it was pretty great. Focused a lot on having faith, Teaching the restoration and bringing members out with us. I was super excited after the conference haha, just wanted to talk with everyone!!! We tried talking with everyone and that got us soaked because it was raining pretty hard outside. I feel accomplished that I fixed Brother W**’s chair. I always wanted to fix the chair.

Friday we did service at Braes Interfaith, we had a lot of fun. We got pizza and it’s fun doing things with A** again. We taught B** the restoration with H** (a member) and he totally accepted it, besides eating meat sparingly haha. We had dinner with the D** family which was good. Mrs. R** still pulled the “the person who baptized me had authority” card but that’s okay, we’ll keep working with her.

Saturday we really tried to contact Papa K** but we just can’t find him. He told some other people we know that he wanted us to visit him and he wanted to come to church but we went to his house and he was gone. So complicated. We got a ton of referrals so we tried them all but not very many people were interested. I finally went to Timmy Chan’s which is super cheap and good.

Sunday we had plans for 9 people to come to church but only 4 came to church. It’s so hard to get people to church that don’t have cars! We had a good meeting about family history work, I liked it. I’m not that into family history work but now I am kinda. It sounded really cool but it takes a lot of work. We had dinner with The D** family and then we OYM’d some people outside. Met some interesting people and a really cool lady named C**, she seemed pretty interested.

Today the H9 elders got a car so now we have our own car for awhile. I also cut my hair again this morning for practice.

Love ya’ll. Keep reading the words of God and bearing your testimony by the way you act.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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