Week 50! August 10, 2015


This week was good, we’re making improvements. Next week we’re going to pump it up and teach everyone, I’ve been in the missionary mode for a while and I want to go teach the whole world!!!! Here’s the week!

Monday we waited for an hour while Elder Gilbert got a haircut. We practically watched a whole soccer game. It was on on the TV and it finished while we were there, so we waited 90 minutes. We had a bunch of fun playing basketball, there were a lot of different Elders to play with. I got scammed out of $20. I gave our investigatorish guy change for a twenty, it was fake I’m pretty sure, haven’t seen him since then.

Tuesday we had pancakes at Sister O**’s house for breakfast. We had a long district meeting and we didn’t have time to do my training haha. Elder Timm had his appointment with the Chiropractor and he’s getting better but slowly, we’ll still be biking for a little bit. I want to start biking again. His appointment took a long time and it was a while away.

Wednesday we picked up French materials at the mission office for Papa K**. We met with B**. We talked with R** and R**, they are hilarious little kids. Sister M** is one of the best members ever. She gives us referrals and she always has people living with her that aren’t members haha, she also has a huge family, it’s great. We tried to OYM some people but practically everyone we ran into spoke Spanish, I need to learn some Spanish!

Thursday I helped C** do some yard work and I was dumb and did it in my pros. I got pretty dirty, we used chainsaws to cut down a big tree, it was fun. We had a good weekly planning, made some good plans. We had a great dinner with sister B**! She invited her friend R** and he’s pretty interested in the church and open to our lessons, we’ll start teaching him tomorrow! We finally met K**’s husband A**. We also met with Brother W** whose is having a difficult time.

Friday we fixed our bikes and my bike is pretty much broken, we found out that the frame is all bent and that’s why the wheel never goes straight. We updated the Area book finally! I haven’t touched one my whole mission, it was a good experience, now we do it everyday/I do it everyday. We had a lesson with Papa K** but our translator cancelled on us. We went to the Medical center to have dinner with the D**’s, they are an awesome family. After dinner we visited a bunch of referrals.

Saturday we did service for Sister B** and moved a ton of things around in her house. I bought a new watch from B**, it’s pretty cool haha. Papa K** cancelled on us because he took his son to the hospital. We had dinner with the C** family, spaghetti Alfredo, classic missionary meal. We visited Brother S**, he deals with depression but he’s super funny. We listened to a bunch of Beatles songs with him.

Sunday was the most stressful day ever. The Sabbath sure isn’t the most spiritual day for missionaries. We had plans for 7 people at church but everyone went out of town, didn’t answer the phone or their rides didn’t work out. I wish we could just drive investigators to church!! All the rest of our appointments also canceled on us but we did have a member invite us to dinner. We had spaghetti. We finally found J**!! He still lives in the same house! We threw some football with him and it was good, we got to meet his friend and little brother. We Met A**’s husband and he’s super nice, hopefully we can teach him and his wife! Their kids, R** and R** are awesome.

Today all we did was wash the car and do some studies, we’re gonna go play basketball and then we’re finally going to meet with J** and T** again and they are taking us out for dinner. Yes!!

Words of wisdom from our mission president. “Your success in life depends on your total surrender to what God wants you to do, the question for you to answer is are you willing to do it? An invitation to all of us this week is to bind the Lord as we keep our promises. Will you accept the invitation? If you’re doing well, keep up the great work! If you need to improve, then consider what blessings you might receive if you made the adjustments required.”

I love you all and hope you have fun out there in the real world. good Luck, Annie in College. Hope I hear from Max!

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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