Week 49! August 3, 2015

Wow Already to transfer 8! CRAZY HOW TIME FLIES BY! This week has been a great week. I don’t have that much time to write this week but I will try.

Monday we dropped off Elder Iloilo and Larson at the mission home and never saw them again, they’re dead!! For fun, we played Ultimate Frisbee at the Beechnut building and some basketball. I got to teach these 2 great investigators and too bad they are in the Spanish area because they want to be baptized.

Tuesday I went to Brother G**’s funeral which was sad but I never had the chance to meet him. I did have some funeral potatoes which are my favorite. I finally got to run some missionaries which was fun. I am two elder “Mom’s”. I ran them out and we OYM’d people. We taught this really cool guy but I’ve never been able to find him. We passed by everyday this week. We visited B** and then went on Split’s with the ward missionaries. I went to visit the Bishop and then some less active members.

Wednesday was Transfers!! Before transfers we went to Pizza Hut with S**, then I was so nervous for transfers. Now I’m with………. Elder Timm!! He’s super cool. We went to the same High school and never met each other. Graduated the same year and know some of the same people. We’ve had some fun talking about school and old friends. Elder Timm had a bike accident so he can’t bike for right now. We use H9’s car until tomorrow where he’ll go to the doctor to see if he can bike or we might get a loner car. I miss biking because we don’t get to talk to as many people but it’s okay, we still have some opportunities.

Thursday we went to Annie’s Burgers with Sister B** and they were pretty good, really good onion rings. We did weekly planning where I told Elder Timm basically everything I know about the area so now we’re basically even ha. We met with K** and Brother B**. We figured out that pretty much we go to the same area everyday because that’s where everyone lives, it’s awesome ha. Can’t get lost. We met some cool gang guys that were kinda interested in the gospel. They were really funny.

Friday we helped sister O** do yard work and gave a blessing to Brother S**. The S**’s invited us for dinner and it’s super far from our apartment but luckily we have a car! We helped this random lady move some furniture and helped Sister K** move her piano upstairs. So much service!

Saturday we met Papa K**. He is from the Congo and he got here a month ago. Missionaries met him a week ago and gave him the Book of Mormon. He already read the whole book!!! Too bad I don’t speak French!!! H** went out to teach with us and we went and taught K** but she pulled the “I already got baptized” card. She just doesn’t understand anything about authority!!!!! We met with Brother S** who is super funny and totally lied to us. He said “oh, I won’t go to church,” and then he came! He’s kinda crazy and lives in this old trailer. We met again with one of the guys in a gang and he is still kinda interested but he was doing drugs in front of us so we’ll need to work with him.

Sunday Papa K** came to church and it was so hard communicating with him. Luckily Brother B** speaks French and he helped us a little bit. C**, J** and T** also came to church, good turn out! Some kids tried to run off with my rubiks cube which was really funny. They didn’t really try to steal it. We met with brother W** and tried to figure out how to help T**.

Thanks for everyone who is listening out there. Love you all. Hope you keep reading the scriptures and praying everyday!!!

I’m out of time right now. Happy 25th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Elder Wimmer
Wèi Zhǎnglǎo


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