Week 48! July 20, 2015

This week has flown by fast. We’re already on our last week of the transfer!!! Some crazy things happened this week and it was a lot of fun as well.

Monday for P-day we played some basketball, then we found our new investigator J**, he’s 17 and pretty cool. He used to meet with missionaries a few months ago. We also met with Sister M** and Brother B**.

Tuesday We had district meeting, then we did some service for C**. We met with B** and then went on splits with Brother S**. We visited J** and D** and their living conditions are rough. They live with people who don’t have jobs and where they live is a pretty rough part of town. Brother S** took us to James Coney Island for dinner and I thought it was pretty good. That was a first for me.

Wednesday we did service at the Prairie which is this garden place for a school. We ate lunch wit some Spanish members, Pushed B** to Festival and back and then taught him the Plan of Salvation. We had dinner with the J**’s and I really liked it. It was simple but good, chicken and mac and cheese. They don’t live in our area so we biked out of the area and then getting back was a ton of fun. We decided to take some short cuts which ended up not being very short. We were riding our bikes on the highway and near the train tracks and it wasn’t very comfortable riding that’s for sure. We visited Brother W** and J** with a member Brother B**, he is so funny.

Thursday I got hit by a car!! Barely, but I was crossing the street on the cross walk and then this lady hit the side of me and my bike flew to the ground. Besides my brakes being messed up and a slight pain in my shoulder I was fine. Now my shoulder is basically back to normal. We met with Brother B** a less active member and tried to find out why he didn’t come to church.

Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Gilbert. In the morning we did service for Sister O**. Then we helped Mrs. R**. Sanitizing her floor and cleaning up her house. Elder Gilbert can’t have dairy but he did so he was in the McDonald’s bathroom for like an hour. Elder Gilbert had fun throwing football with some kids while I taught some other kids about our church and what missionaries do, then we met with a less active youth named B**.

Saturday we helped Brother C** doing some yard work for him. Elder Iloilo’s Aunt took us out for lunch at Golden Corral. She lives up in North Houston next to Katy. I was so stuffed after eating and after that we went straight to another meal appointment but I did finish the meal but man was I stuffed. We were biking after dinner and Elder Iloilo threw up a ton and was really sick. Strangely where he decided to stop and puke was a really cool place. There was this trail that went back into the forest and there was a ton of trash and car parts, also a tent and beds and stuff. We found 3 license plates. Lastly, we visited with M** who is really lame and was drunk at home while his wife was at the hospital and she’s pregnant. He’s a less active member.

Sunday we had Ward council in the morning and we learned more about the Sacrament. We had quite a turn out for gospel principles, 24 people! J** and T** came to church with their 2 sons. Mrs. R** and J** came as well. We couldn’t get in contact with B** but he was so close to coming. We had some awesome homemade pizza at Brother C**’s house. He also fed us Bluebell and gave us the leftovers. We met this 98 year old guy on the street and he was awesome. He looked great for his age and he was fun to talk to.

Today we went to IHop in the morning for breakfast and then we went bowling. Later we have a multi zone activity playing some sports and things, it should be fun.

My companion now has 8 days left and he’s done with his mission. It’s crazy but I’m glad I still have a year to serve the Lord and build my testimony


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