Week 47! July 13, 2015


Monday we had bike problems but we eventually got out to work and visited some less actives. We also had some sushi and Japanese food for dinner.

Tuesday we had zone meeting and we set goals on how many people we’d baptize. We learned a new way to set goals that I like a lot better than what we were doing before. It is more realistic and follows statistics and things like that. We had Wingstop wings and pizza for lunch, go American food!! We finally did our Tuesday night splits and it was a lot of fun. I met a less active recent convert named M** and he actually came to church on Sunday because of our visit.

Wednesday we did service for C** and then taught her later in the day. She seemed pretty willing to learn but not to come to church. She needs to finish with her house cleaning before she comes to church so we are praying that we can pick up the pace of things.

Thursday we did service for Braes Interfaith and then I was feeling super sick and I was throwing up so I took a quick nap and then we did weekly planning and visited some really cool kids/teenagers. We taught them the Restoration and they want us to come back but the sisters will keep teaching them. We finally got to teach K** who we’ve been trying to visit. We had a dinner appointment but we gave it to the sister missionaries and then they ate with a member, and our two investigators, pretty sweet, it went well.

Friday I was throwing up a lot and I couldn’t keep down any food but I survived. We had Chinese food for lunch with the P**’s, then we did service for this less active named S** and he took us to Jack in the Box. I threw all of that up. In the evening we visited Brother B** and P** with Brother D**.

Saturday I took over the area and worked with Elder Larson. It was a lot of fun. I taught him a bunch of Chinese. We visited B** and K** and I thought they were some good lessons. We also went to coordination meeting for Elder Larson’s Ward.

Sunday we had a good church service. None of our investigators came but we did get some less actives to show up that we’ve been working with. We went to a taco potluck at Brother S**’s house, he’s our ward mission leader. A lot of members and new members came but none of our investigators came. For dinner we had more tacos at Sister K**’s house and it was a bunch of fun.

Today we cleaned our apartment and we might go bowling with a less active hopefully but we’ll see.

I challenge everyone to read their scriptures and pray. People wonder why missionaries are so spiritual but try praying every time you leave your house, get on your knees and just say a quick prayer. Praying many times a day with up your spirituality a lot.

Love ya’ll

Elder Wimmer


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