Week 46! July 6, 2015

Already half way done with this transfer, crazy!! Time flies when you are serving the Lord. This week was a good week, finally picked up a little in Missionary work.

Monday we played Basketball and two elders hurt their ankles. Elder Larson was on crutches earlier this week but now he’s up and walking. We taught B** and invited him to read the Book of Mormon, we haven’t seen him since but he’s still good.

Tuesday we did some service at Braes Interfaith then we visited S** and S** some less actives and went with Bishop to visit some less actives.

Wednesday we got to meet President Hall’s family, they are pretty cool. President Hall looks awesome and I know I’ll have a good year with him. His youngest daughter speaks Chinese so it’ll be fun talking with her.

Thursday we helped our investigator move furniture into their house and then we did our studies. We had a long weekly planning because we need to figure out how to find people. In the evening we visited some less actives who are super inactive. Some of them were super drunk and were just talking nonsense.

Friday we helped a guy take out all the wood flooring from his house. His whole house was wood and it took awhile. All of our appointments with our investigators fell through but we did teach this crazy dude at a bus bench. It was hilarious.

Saturday we had the 4th of July parade. We walked in it and passed out candy and water. A member fed us lunch and she’s Filipino so she made Filipino food and it was really good. In the evening we split so I went with Elder Gilbert and we tried some of their potentials. None of them were home.

Sunday we had ward council in the morning and I actually learned some things about the Sacrament. We had really low attendance at Sacrament meeting, maybe because of the 4th. Sister R** and her daughter came to church which was awesome! We made a deal with her that if she came to church we would watch her dog so we got some other elders to watch her dog outside and she came to Sacrament. She lives in a hotel right now because the flood damaged her house. I actually helped clean it up at the beginning of service. After we did our studies Elder Iloilo was feeling sick but eventually we went out to work but no one was home.

Today so far we cleaned our apartment. We might play some games later or something. Elder Larson and Gilbert are both hurt so we won’t be playing basketball.

Super weird that I’m almost at 1 year!!!!!!! It goes by fast and I don’t want the mission to end. I challenge everyone to make every day count. Make a difference in the world and do things that will help you endure to the end and affect your spirituality for the good.
Love you all.

Elder Wimmer


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