Week 45! June 29, 2015

There goes another week in Maplewood 2, so far it’s been fun. This week was a lot like last week. Here’s my week.

Monday during P-day we went to a bunch of stores because Elder’s Iloilo and Larson wanted to buy souvenirs for their families, then we played basketball. In the evening we visited some less actives and then gave some ties to a youth that’s going to the MTC from our ward.

Tuesday in the morning we helped the F** move and they gave us some money so we went to a Chinese buffet. In the evening I worked with Elder Gilbert and we found R** who we haven’t met with but we have an appointment this evening and K** who also we haven’t met with because he’s always busy but today we will try to visit him or tomorrow. I got to eat dinner at a member of Houston 9 and they made some Hispanic food that was actually pretty good. It was fun getting to know the family and speaking Chinese to them.

Wednesday we got to go to city hall and go to one of the chambers and our church got recognized by the mayor. You can find it online some places but I don’t know where. I know I’m right in the middle of the picture so you’ll see me in some pictures. For dinner we went to the D** and had spaghetti and then we did some yard work in their back yard. Moving trees into other pots and pulling weeds, it was fun and hot. We went to this ladies house and I had a CRAZY experience!! C** is her name and she was totally possessed by a demon or something because she told us she had darkness inside of her so we said a prayer and gave her a blessing. During the blessing her head started shaking and going crazy and as soon as we said amen she jumped away from us and started crying. She was facing backwards but her neck was all weird and she was staring right in our eyes and she was swearing at us and kept saying stupid people, get out of my house, I was scared and freaked out. We got out of there really fast. I finally met this less active member named B**, we tried to meet her boyfriend she lives with but he was sleeping or something but he likes us I guess.

Thursday we had a special zone conference for President Ashton and it was so weird that President is leaving, the Halls come in today and the keys are passed at 1:00 president said. We had lunch at this hilarious members house. She reminded me of Elder Logan Bingham’s mother Sister Bingham. This lady loves the missionaries and she made me laugh a ton. For dinner we went and ate at Sister B**’s house with Brother S**, we had some interesting organic Kabob things.

Friday we helped this hoarder lady clean her house which smells terrible because she won’t let us throw out any of her stuff. All of our appointments canceled on us but we did get tio visit a less active who fed us dinner after we ate dinner already so I could barely eat but I did eat.

Saturday we did a ton of service. We went to this guys house and we pulled out his drywall and he bought us Mediterranean food and it was okay haha. In the evening we had stake conference which wasn’t anything special. I was expecting like a 70 to come or something like the South stake’s conference but it was just normal people. They did talk about justserve.org which was pretty cool. It’s a great website for finding service opportunities.

Sunday we had stake conference and the missionaries sang the EFY medley which didn’t sound that great ha. So our stake has 32 missionaries which I think is crazy, that’s a ton. Like 4 per ward, I don’t know why we have so many. Our investigators weren’t home in the evening but we did meet with D** in the nursing home and then we visited Brother W** who is a less active and he’s super nice but he’s just too busy to come to church I guess.

Today so far all we’ve done is clean our apartment and do some laundry but we plan on going to play some basketball later.
Well there’s my week, I love all of you!

Elder Wimmer


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