Week 44! June 22, 2015


Wow this week was different lets just say that. Many changes this week but it has been a blast getting to know my new companion and area. So here’s a summary of my week

Monday was a busy P-day and by the time we finished everything we needed to do we only had about an hour to relax and I went over to Chinese North’s apartment to grab a few things I left over there and I played some San Guo Sha with them. In the evening we couldn’t meet with anyone but we tried a bunch of potentials. Funny thing was that we couldn’t buy any water at Walmart because everyone was freaking out about the storm.

Tuesday the storm “BILL” came in. Haha not really, it rained a little bit but it missed us. We had to stay in our apartments until 2:00 and then we went out to work. We visited K** which is always fun, he was arguing with us again. No one came to our English class so we did some Family history and tried some more potentials but no one even answered the door.

Wednesday was TRANSFER MEETING and I loved it. I am now in Maplewood 2nd!! My new companion is Elder Iloilo, this is his last transfer! I also got to spend one day with Elder Schwemmer which was awesome. Elder Schwemmer was my old district leader. This area used to be in my old district and I’ve been to the area before on exchanges. It sure is different being in English. So at transfer meeting we found out that we needed to give our car to Sister missionaries so now we don’t have a car and we’re on bikes all day. After transfer meeting we went out to dinner with Brother L** who is really cool and just keeps talking and we went to a Chinese buffet, it wasn’t good at all haha. In the evening we went out with Brother S** who speaks Korean, he’s pretty cool.

Info on my new area. Our area is huge and we don’t even live in our area so we need to bike in everyday and it sure is a lot of biking but I enjoy it. Currently we don’t have any investigators, we have been doing service for the last 3 weeks everyday. There are a lot more members than Chinese but not a ton. We have like 300 less actives and another 100 kinda active members. About 300 active members. There are a ton of Spanish and we have Spanish sisters that also go to our ward. I don’t understand a lot of people at church because I still don’t understand some of the broken English but I’m learning. Almost everyday we have meal appointments and it’s sweet. I love American food. It’s so weird speaking in English but it is a lot easier and I don’t have to worry about if I say things wrong.

Thursday Elder Schwemmer went home and it was weird seeing him leave because I was born into his district. So after we dropped him off at the mission office we had a family history training and it was super fun, I learned a few useful things and for lunch we went to Southwell’s Burger and it was awesome. A member owns it so we ate there for free with our district. In my district is Elder Iloilo and I, Elder Larson and Gilbert, then two companionship’s of sisters but I forget their names. Sister Campos, Taylor, Savage and one other I think. They are pretty cool. Elder Larson and Gilbert are our next door neighbors for our apartment, they also have a car so they take us to church now and we do a lot together, they are Spanish elders. In the evening we rode around on our bikes which was so hot and we also helped Sister O** clean up her yard, she’s an older member in the ward.

Friday morning we went and helped this investigatorish guy named B** go buy groceries. He’s in a wheel chair so we pushed him over to Fiesta and helped him get things. Afterward we went and did service for the flood victims. We tried a bunch of houses but everyone seemed to of moved out of those houses. For lunch we went to Mcdonalds and we also played some basketball at the church. After Service we went and helped M** move, M** is a member’s friend who lives in the medical center. In the evening we rode bikes again and no one was interested in us visiting with them but it was fun and tiring riding around.

Saturday was the stake Family History Event. It was actually a ton of fun. All the missionaries sang a song and then we helped at all these stations helping a few hundred people do their family history and learn about it. I was stationed at the computer lab where I was helping people use the computers and I helped a few people find a lot of names. I learned a ton myself as well. For dinner we went to the C**’s family and of course we had steak and potatoes, so great!! So Bishop Grant is moving to North Carolina so he had a farewell party at the church and everyone was there from the ward so I got to meet a lot of members and it was fun.

Sunday it was weird meeting in English. I finally understood everything. the youth in our ward a re a bunch of punks and it was lots of fun meeting a few members, there are still a lot I need to get to know but I can finally talk with people and they understand what I’m saying, except for the few who only speak Spanish. My Spanish is terrible, I don’t know any at all. So we had another dinner appointment of course and we had chicken Parmesan and noodles, my favorite! So a youth from the ward goes to the MTC tomorrow so we went to his farewell party thing at his house and met his friends who are mostly non members, there were quite a lot of people there and it was weird seeing it because it reminds me of mine which I swear was a few days ago.

Today is P-Day and we are probably going to go play basketball at the church or something.

Thanks for listening
I love you all!!!

Elder Wimmer


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