Week 43! June 15, 2015

TRANSFFEEEERRRRRSSSSSSSSS I’m leaving Chinese!!! Here comes English areas!!!

Big news today when we got a call from our district leader. I expected it but i didn’t know if it was going to happen but I’m being transferred.

(mom’s note – The Mandarin Elders spend one or two transfers in an English area at one point in their mission)


Monday We had a super fun zone activity. We went to this member’s house and played some fun games. Volleyball, Badminton, Pool, then we had some really good food. Hot dogs and hamburgers all the good food.

Tuesday We had zone meeting and I totally wasn’t sleeping during part of it. For some reason I was really tired right at the last training and fell asleep for 20 minutes. We visited R** and played Jenga with him, he seemed fine but he still won’t come to church with his mom. In the evening we visited H** and she finally prayed for us, that’s an accomplishment.

Wednesday We did Weekly planning and in the evening most things didn’t work out but we did talk with K**’s mom and she’s super nice.

Thursday we did service, we mowed Sister H**’s lawn, we moved trash at peoples houses and cleaned out peoples houses, it was kinda fun.

Friday we did a little bit of weekly planning and we had comp inventory. I had a discussion with Elder Tang for 2 hours, crazy!!!! But at the end it was all good. We met with Sister T** also and she was basically starving, she didn’t have any food so we had to give her some.

Saturday I went and sang at a persons funeral and it was really cool. Most the people were non members and they really liked my song I think.

Sunday A ton of people came to church, like more than 100, it was kinda crazy, a lot of random people that normally don’t come. Brother L** came to church which was awesome. A** came and he talked with us. He wanted to pray with us and he prayed for like 40 minutes, he’s so crazy, it wasted a lot of time.

The miracle of the week was on Sunday evening when we met with Y**, he finally was home and we taught him the restoration, he said he believes in God and he accepted a baptismal date for July 12th, awesome!!

Today I don’t know what our plan is but it’s my last pday here for a while so we have to do something fun.

Well there’s my update for the week. I had a really cool quote for the week but I forgot it but it’s okay.

Jia you!!


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