Week 42! June 8, 2015



The week of service!!! I personally did 40 hours of service! 120 as a companionship. Lets just say that it was a fun week. Here’s my week

Monday Elder Tang was sick so I stayed home with him all day and did some extra studies.

Tuesday, Service Day. We wanted to help the same lady from Saturday but she wasn’t home. We pulled out nails from some guys house and went and helped Sister Z**’s sister with a room in her house that got flooded. No one came to English class but we did visit Y**.

Wednesday was literally a full day of service. The news people where with us for a long time and we were doing service until like 7 something. We pulled up wood flooring and I got tar all over me, it was a ton of fun. President personally told us to stay there until we finished. The owner bought us pizza and Red Cross brought us food. I was so exhausted by the end of the day, but it was so much fun.

Thursday we did more service. We were moving furniture and taking out floor boards again. I was going hard with a shovel, so much fun. In the evening we had basketball night and no members came but we did has a few investigators come.

Friday we helped a Jewish group. The Jewish Service Day!!! They were super nice and they gave us a bunch of food. We went wherever they wanted us to and it was just Elder Tang, Peterson, and I. In the evening we visited C** and watched some bible videos with him and read some scriptures.

Saturday we did service and we got rid of a lot of dry wall. It was always my dream to destroy walls in people houses. J** invited us for dinner and we went to CoCo’s café. It was alright, not that amazing. We did get to talk with J**’s two sons and they were fun to talk with.

Sunday Brother L** came to church which was great, I haven’t seen him in awhile. I finally met with F** and he just hogwashed about UFO’s and crop circles. He didn’t really have any interest in the gospel but he is an interesting dude.

Today we have a zone activity that should be really fun. I don’t know about the evening yet.

This week we don’t know if we are going to do service a lot but President wants us to do service. Well I’m out of time.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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