Week 41! June 1, 2015

It’s Already JUNE!!!!

This week was CRAZY!!!! Flooding in Houston! Our apartment got flooded and our car broke down!! Just kidding, we were fine. Nothing happened to us but the floods did affect a lot of people so we did a TON of service this week. It brought down our numbers but we helped a ton of people and we made it on the news and people recognized the church helping others. So here’s my week.

Tuesday – We went to Welfresh to buy some Chinese food and mostly I just bought a ton of treats and I ate all of them in like an hour. In the evening after P-Day we didn’t have anyone come to our English class but we did talk to this random Chinese guy at the church building who came to some cub scouts activity, he was pretty cool. We also tried to visit with Yang Yang but he had to label the whole world map with tons of things and his homework was already late, that kid.

Wednesday – Was our temple trip and it was awesome!! It was really exciting getting to the temple. We were driving fine and then we hit the storm and all the roads were flooding and the final road to the temple was the worst, we barely made it but the few people behind us were told to go back home because it was too dangerous. Some people finally made it but missed the session which was a bummer for them. So the session was awesome and afterward we discussed a ton of temple related things for like 2 hours. We learned a lot of things and I found a ton of things I need to work on. After the temple we studied and then visited Sister T** who hurt her toe somehow, it was pretty gross. We also visited Y** and tried to encourage him to learn English because it’s still terrible and it should be better than it is. We met with A** and tried to invite him to get baptized but he doesn’t take anything seriously and it didn’t work out. In the evening Elder Jensen and his companion came to stay with us because they were going to the temple the next morning. It was fun talking with Elder Jensen again, we had so much fun together.

Thursday – We had a new English class student come to class and she was really cool. She is a Christian and said she will try to come to our church because she wants her son to come to our church. So I was with Chinese north for the whole day and we had a ton of fun together. We three get along really well. So we visited with a less active named C** who wanted us to visit with her roommate but her roommate and her were having problems and she wouldn’t come out of her room. Our other appointments canceled on us but we did have a successful new convert fireside. Almost everyone came and there was a short message. Everyone came like 30 minutes late though so it was short. After the fireside we had basketball night and it was tons of fun. Only adults were playing so we had a ton of fun. I got to play with President P** which was a first.

Friday – Service Day!!! We started at 7:30 and ended at 4:30!! We did a ton of driving to places helping people move heavy things that were all soaked and full of water. My small group didn’t get to help out a ton but we found many people that had already got their home taken care of. Because we were representing the city, only the most poor and needy were we allowed to help. If they had insurance and weren’t disabled, we weren’t supposed to help them because we were trying to find those in desperate need. I the evening we probably had the best dinner ever at Sister B**’s house. Italian Food! We had two different pastas and some pork chops and some great dessert. It’s the best time of the month when you get to go to B**’s house.

Saturday – We had coordination meeting and then taught M** with Sister M**. During the lesson we got a call from the AP’s and after the lesson we went home, changed into our service clothes and then went out and served! We helped this Chinese lady move out heavy furniture from her house and then went to this ladies house and barely made a dent in the work we needed to do. She basically is a hoarder and has a ton of stuff. We had 9 people there and it wasn’t enough. We needed like twice as many. I really want to go help her some more but we don’t know when we will go help her. Hopefully soon! After service we went to get dinner at Chic-Fil-A and Jack In the Box, I like jack in the box. After dinner we showered and then went to Stake Conference. It was Awesome! I forgot the 70’s name but he spoke on Ward Councils and had this PowerPoint on it. I learned a ton of stuff. We also got the news that Elder L. Tom Perry died which was so random. I wasn’t expecting that at all!

Sunday – We had stake conference and lots of people spoke. My favorite story that was said was about a girl and a pearl necklace, I wish I had the time to write about it but I don’t. The conference was focusing on the Sabbath Day and it was really cool. After church and lunch, we tried Sister W** and R** but they weren’t home, We taught A** and shared some things from stake conference that were really cool including the story about the pearl necklace. After A** we did weekly planning and dinner, then we met with A** and by the end of the lesson we dropped him. He really doesn’t have a desire to be baptized. Lastly we visited J** and found out when his roommate was moving in.

Today – I cut my hair, it’s too short but it’s okay. I don’t really have to do it anymore :D. Elder Tang is sick so we’ll see what happens. Someone might need to stay with him so he can stay in bed. Our plans for tonight are to try Sister W** and meet the new people that live in her house. Hopefully we get in.

Quote of the week,
“Let us not leave for tomorrow what we can do today”
– Elder Jose A. Teixeira

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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