Week 40! May 25, 2015

This week has been a great week. Nothing to complain about this week, just another week teaching the Chinese people of Houston! Someday they will all be baptized!!!! We’ve decided that China is going to open very soon! So excited haha. So here’s my week.

Monday – I played some Pokemon with Elder Zhang and Mickelson because elder Zhang finally convinced Elder Mickelson to buy Pokemon cards haha. After P-day we visited Brother C** and talked with him, then we walked over to Huang J**’s house with him and let them get to know each other. They had never met before and they live like 5 minutes away from each other.

Tuesday – We taught Sister T** about tithing and we figured out she can do math but only in Cantonese haha. So funny! We brought Sister T** to go visit her older brother’s sister who she said they had a great relationship but they haven’t talked for 6 years. She wasn’t very interested in the gospel but now she knows us. She only lived down the street from Sister T**. We had a great dinner of Domino’s pizza, the first time of the mission! In the evening for English class we had one student come named Fanny. We really need to tell her that Fanny isn’t a very good English name but we’re not going to tell her. After English class we went to visit W** and we met the rest of her family who just got here. Her husband came from China and her older son and his wife came from Pittsburgh. They are all super nice and seemed like they would be willing to come to church.

Wednesday – Zone Conference!!! We had a fun time at zone conference. The food this time wasn’t that great with just some chili but we did learn talk about inviting people to church and the atonement. We picked up a ton of supply. I just realized that we need 3 times the amount of supplies as English Elders because we need Chinese simplified and traditional, plus English. So much stuff! In the evening after zone conference and dinner we taught Y** about keeping good priorities because all her does is play computer games ALL DAY and he doesn’t learn any English, we’re worried about him. We also visited M** and figured out that she actually is crazy. She was telling us that her head always hurts because she hears voices and singing all the time and then during the lesson was telling us what she was hearing. Just constant numbers from all these voices, I was freaked out a little and felt uncomfortable, that was fun.

Thursday – We actually didn’t do weekly planning, instead, we went and tried some less actives and they all didn’t answer. We also got caught in traffic and it wasted a bunch of our time. We took Y** out with us and visited his only friend and he was really chome and didn’t want to talk with us. He said he was busy playing computer games but he was wasn’t near his computer, whatever, teenagers ha. We visited G** and he was actually super nice, miracle. We just needed to bring Yang Yang, I was super surprised. They gave us food and asked a bunch of questions, mainly wanting to know about Y** and how his life has changed since living there, it was great. In the evening we had our basketball night and by far it was the best basketball night in a long time. We had 21! people show up. 5 were missionaries but we still had a lot of people. Some less actives and investigators. R**’s father came and it was so much fun. That’s how basketball night is supposed to be like.

Friday – We did our weekly planning and cleaned our apartment because it was not very messy at all but Elder Tang wanted it clean so we did for him. Now it is clean which is nice for once. In the evening we attended our stake basketball tournament which we got destroyed. Lets just say that Chinese aren’t that good at basketball, also the other teams had people that played college ball. They stopped keeping score after a few minutes.

Saturday – We taught A** and he’s the same still. We tried some potentials that answered but no one let us in. We also visited with B** and I**. They aren’t very interested in going to church but they were nice to us.

Sunday – Only A** came to church which was sad. In the evening A** was watching a movie and didn’t want to meet with us. Little kids :/. We did have a great Branch council meeting after church though. I enjoyed finally understanding what everyone was talking about.

Monday – We visited a lot of former investigators and found 2 that want to be taught again. K** and this lady I’ve never met. Sister G**, something like that. K** is still kinda chome but the sister is pretty cool. We tried teaching W**’s family but they were eating dinner so they didn’t have time even though we made an appointment. In the evening we got hit by the storm and couldn’t visit anyone

That’s my week, out of time now but I hope everyone out there finds something good in the scriptures this week!!!

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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