Week 39! May 18, 2015

This week has been a fun one. Being in a trio is always interesting. Here’s my week.

Monday I went over to Chinese North’s apartment and played San Guo Sha and then played Pokemon with them, good ole Pokemon haha. After P-Day we went and distributed our English flyers and then visited M**. We got home really late because M** always takes forever.

Tuesday we visited S** and she had a problem with there being a living prophet so we tried to help her with that. After S** we did some family history and visited with Sister T**, she still tries to read the scriptures. No one came to our evening English class so we went and tried some referrals but we had no success.

Wednesday we met with S** and had some weird Chinese pizza, then we taught her for 2 hours. She’s super awesome except her boyfriend is Buddhist and it ruined everything. She really would be baptized if it wasn’t for him. He lives in Germany! What the heck! After S** we visited S** and she still had a few problems to ask us. After S** we had dinner and then drove a really long time to get to this referral that Elder Peterson got in Lake Jackson. It turns out that I’ve actually tried that house before and they didn’t answer so we wasted a bunch of time.

Thursday we finally found some Chinese talks online so we got a bunch of them and now always listen to them in the car. We visited with S** and tried to help prepare her for her interview, we basically went over everything and she didn’t have any huge problems After S** we did our weekly planning and then had basketball night. No kids came so we actually had a great time playing ha. Just adults and no investigators but we built our relationships with some members.

Friday we had district meeting. Afterward S** had her baptismal interview and she didn’t think she was ready to keep the commitments so she didn’t pass. After we discussed it with the YSA elders and we passed her over to them. She is now their only investigator. After S** we went to coordination meeting and then went to this new buns house Chinese place and their fried buns are way good!! Bao zi are my favorite food! The best part of the day was going to Garth Smith’s music performance thing at the church. I was crying during the whole thing almost and K**’s husband Brother Z** came as well. It was awesome. I went with Elder Mickelson and afterward we were waiting at his apartment for Elder Tang. Elder Mickelson is hilarious haha.

Saturday morning Elder Tang called his mom in Hong Kong which was cool, she finally answered. We ate dinner with Sister Z** which is always super fun. She was telling us all the fun stories of less active sisters in the branch. They all got offended by active sisters so that’s why they don’t come anymore. So lame! In the afternoon we went to Katy and it was tons of fun. We met our new investigator A** and she has a really cool story. Her father is a member in Taiwan and she’s met 7 years worth of missionaries but none of them have ever invited her to be baptized. We invited her and she said yes. Afterward we met with the C** family and it turns out that they actually know who A** is, who would’ve guessed! After meeting with the C**’s we went to visit Sister T** at cafe east 2, they gave us food! In the evening we went to Sister H**’s house.

Sunday only A** came to church which was sad but we did visit his family in the evening and E**, his mom, said she’d pray about when she thinks he can be baptized. Other than visiting A** we tried addresses in this place called Meadows Place, there were a lot of Chinese people there but they all were not interested.

Today so far all we did was go shopping and do some studies. Elder Tang and Peterson want to sleep so I guess I’ll go over to Chinese Norths apartment without them again.

Thanks for listening.
Keep reading the scriptures!!
Keep praying

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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