Week 38! May 11, 2015

Good Morning Everyone, the world says hello.
Here’s my update from my first week in transfer 6!
I had an awesome time talking with my family!!! No one has changed one bit :O haha. Really though.

Weekly Summary
Monday we went to the Hindu Temple. Well, Elder Mickelsen and I went with Sugar Land 2. It was super weird. We learned all about what the Hindu people believe and it was very interesting. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside :/. After the temple we played Elder Jenson’s last Wan Guo Sha game which was so sad. After playing we went out to work and put up our normal flyers and then tried to visit T. He chomed us because we saw him walk into his house but he said he was sleeping or something. After being chomed we found a potential that lives near to where T lives and we drove to J’s house. We tried watching the restoration video with her but her TV didn’t work. We finally got it to work but it was late so we had to go home.

Tuesday we had 2 new students at English class. S, P’s friend, and T who works at old place. We found our that S is from Beijing. T also brought her husband who has decent English. For dinner I had my first Popeye’s chicken, It was pretty good. No one came to our evening English class so Elder Zhang and I went and visited Y. We played San Guo Sha with him and I found out that Y really isn’t good at San Guo Sha at all.

Wednesday we had 2 more new English students come. E and C. I also helped Sister D with her car problems. I put some oil in her car and it was interesting, haha. For transfer meeting it happened exactly how we expected it to go. Elder Peterson came with us and now we have 5 missionaries in our apartment. Elder Jenson left and Elder Mullenbach. He has an interesting story. He’s not a greenie but he was on medical release for a long time. For dinner, returned missionaries C and C invited us to eat dinner and we ate at an old place. It was fun hearing them tell their mission stories and things. After dinner we met with F and T, it was fun haha.

Thursday S FINALLYACCEPTEDABAPTISMALDATE!!! So cool!! It took a while but she accepted a date for the 17th. It was a great spiritual experience. In the evening Y chomed us but we visited with his uncle and gave him a priesthood blessing then we had another crazy basketball night and all the kids were being so crazy. We taught them eventually but it was hard to get them to calm down.

Friday I went with Elder Zhang and Mickelson. It was super fun. We went to visit B, C’s son. He skipped school and ran away from home because he is crazy!! We talked with him and then played some UNO with him. We went to Bellarive and I got to teach all my favorite old people, they are so cool, but they won’t learn English, haha. For dinner we went to pizza patron and I ate a whole pizza, go mission life!! In the evening we visited Y in China town and answered all his questions about a lot of things. Idk how he had so many questions. We also got to visit C and W. We taught them the word of wisdom and it was awesome!!

Saturday we cleaned J’s yard for three hours and it was crazy how many things we needed to do. We didn’t even get close to finishing. For dinner we went to W’s house and had some authentic Chinese food. It was good. I still don’t like white carrot and eggplant but those are her favorite foods. Elder Peterson Skyped home because his parents live in China. In the evening we visited with A and it was crazy and we got home really late.

Sunday none of our investigators came to church and it was sad. In the evening we visited with an awesome potential named M but she lives in Mainland China.

Today so far we haven’t done anything special but we will probably go play games at Chinese north’s apartment or something.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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