Week 37! May 4, 2015

May the 4th be with you! Elder Thacker told me that this morning.
Monday after P day we went and put up English flyers. It is an every Monday thing and then we put up flyers around where Sister T lives but everyone is Vietnamese there. We visited A and he ran away from us and finally came out of his house because we brought R with us. It was fun, let’s put it that way.

Tuesday we played basketball in the morning, and even though Elder Nixon is hurt he still played and he’s pretty good. I finally started loving teaching English class, it is my favorite time of the day. After lunch we visited with S who just won’t progress, she won’t read her scriptures! We visited with Sister T which is just our weekly visit with her, making sure nothing is wrong with her or she doesn’t need any food. So we decided to start our Tuesday night English class again and R and his mom, W, came. We also brought Y and he just didn’t want to help us teach or learn English so it was hard but I had a great time talking with Sister D and teaching her how to talk with her English neighbors and things like that. To end the day I had a ton of fun talking with Elder Jensen. We get along really well.

Wednesday was interesting. We did what Elder Tang wanted to do. We finally had a new student at English class, her name is B and she said she would come every Tuesday and Wednesday. She was pretty cool. For lunch we ate Subway with A, our new investigator but he is super crazy and an eternigator. So first we ate lunch for an hour, then followed him to some place he wanted to lead us to and it was some park next to the mission office. Of course we taught him a lesson in the mission office. Then we went to G (a less active) and helped some of his employees translate some things and I kinda understood what they were talking about. A thinks he has a devil that we need to cast out from his home. After we got to A’s house we were there until 7:30. We spent more than 5 hours with A. Afterwards we went home to grab some food really quick and then we visited J at her front door because her husband wasn’t home. I’d rather not teach her at her door because I get bit a ton by bugs. I got like 10 bites.

Thursday we helped W go to the social security place where you get your social security card, that was fun. There were so many people there. For lunch we went to good old Chick Fil A which is so good. After lunch we had our long weekly planning and then we went to a member’s house to grab some food for dinner. After dinner we had sports night and it reminded me of teaching primary back at home because all these 12 year olds were so crazy and we just couldn’t handle them.

Friday I had Burger King for lunch, so much fast food! Then we had zone meeting. We talked about justserve.org which is really cool for doing service, we also role played the atonement and practiced how to teach it. After zone meeting I got to go teach at Bellarive and I taught the whole time and I loved it. Old people are the best. We had dinner with Sister K and it was by far the best food ever. Just some really good Chinese food. Afterwards we taught Z who basically just argued with us and gave excuses why he can’t come to church, but he does have time for church.

Saturday we found a new English class student who said she could come everyday. Then we went fishing with S. Elder Tang is in charge. It was lots of fun though. We all caught one fish and I enjoyed my fishing time. We mowed Sister H’s lawn and then went to the G family’s house for dinner. It was crazy!! It was a party, haha. I had a ton of fun talking with members and eating a ton of crawfish. Brother G bought 80 pounds of crawfish and it was way good. I’ve never had crawfish before. It was super fun and a great way to end the day.



Sunday in the morning we helped Sister W translate for her Patriarchal blessing and I also got to hear it. It was super awesome. I’m glad I had the opportunity to help out. After church we didn’t have anyone to teach but I had to practice singing some songs because I have to sing next week for Mother’s day, ha. S came to our ward which was great but T and R didn’t show up and A said he’d be there but didn’t come. A canceled on us which was really chome because he went to the new Avengers movie. We did get to visit Brother J and correct some of his statements that he made during church. We also talked with R and A and discussed why they didn’t come to church.

Today so far was all about transfer calls. A lot of people are being transferred in my zone but surprisingly I’m still here. Another 6 weeks! So later we will go to this big Hindu temple just for fun and then do some things with Elder Jensen who is being transferred.
Well that’s my week, gotta go.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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