Week 36! April 27, 2015

First thing first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAYLA, already 15!! Hope you have fun, you can start learning to drive now! Now to my week.

Monday we didn’t do anything fun on p-day, just stayed at home, then we went around to lots of places and tried to put up some English class flyers and posters. A lot of places didn’t want them but some let us post some papers. I can’t remember if I wrote last week about there being the new Elder Ni that came from Taiwan, he’s pretty cool.

Tuesday we had interviews with President and they were great. We also had our district meeting and we really focused on who could be baptized this week so we could get 20 baptisms this week. We were there until 2:00 waiting for the YSA Elders. Afterward we went to Tornado burger for lunch which supposedly gave Elder Ni food poisoning, I thought it was great. We taught S with the YSA Elders and she didn’t accept a baptismal date but it was a great lesson. In the evening we visited with Y.

Wednesday Elder Nixon was sick so he stayed home all day. We taught S with Elder Mickelson. It was Elder Mickelson’s first law of chastity lesson and it went well. We visited with Sister T and M which is always the same ha. The seminary scripture mastery night was so much fun. Everyone was competing and my team didn’t win but it was fun watching everyone go crazy looking up those scriptures. We got pizza so I was happy.

Thursday we had weekly planning which was the first productive weekly planning so far this transfer. Basketball night was super fun and we didn’t have any drama at all. Even K came and he calmly but strangely played volleyball and it was a success. F didn’t come with R and T. We also brought Y with us so we could go on a split and keep the kids away from each other.

Friday we went over to the mission office and translated a little picture book for Sister Morton and there was an amazing story behind the book but I’ll talk about it later. For lunch we ate pizza which was great and all, Elder Freestone and I went and picked it up, except, I was really sick and could barely eat it. I was throwing up in the morning but I survived. We had coordination meeting without Elder Tang and Mickelson because Elder Mickelson was deathly ill, he looked terrible. Maybe it was something we two ate. I had to eat dinner at F’s house and I could barely keep the dumplings in but they did taste good, I just didn’t feel good. Elder Nixon and I went to eat dinner with him so it was fun talking with F and his wife, he is our ward mission leader. I’ve never really talked with him. In the evening we visited with M and her husband. We were talking with them outside and I got bit by so many bugs, it was so annoying.

Saturday there was some crazy rain and some really loud thunder, I mean REALLY loud thunder, it’s awesome here in Texas. So because elder Mickelson was still sick we went with Elder Zhang and worked in the medical center. We met with a bunch of members and they gave us a few referrals and it was fun. But besides the referrals, no real lessons with people. We did teach Y and P though which was fun.

Sunday was one of my favorite Sundays so far. P got the Priesthood!!!! Y blessed the Sacrament for the first time and I understood what was happening during church. After church was kind of a bummer. So this old guy named W had a dream and Jesus came and talked with him and told him to repent but he’s a super big Buddhist and is a member’s father. We went and taught him and he denies it was Jesus even though he pointed at the picture on the picture book that was in the members house and said that was the man she saw, it was him alright. We wanted to teach him all the lessons and get him baptized before he goes back to China on Tuesday but he didn’t want to get taught. It was sad.

Today has so far been the chomest day ever. We went to the store and got all our food and then figured out we didn’t have enough money to buy our food. I only have like $10.

Life’s good out here in the hood of Houston. These Chinese people are hard but they will all be baptized eventually. I love everyone who is listening and I hope everyone can try their best to serve others this weekend.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo
p.s. I found a lake


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