Week 35! April 20, 2015

This week has been great. Every week is always so busy and interesting.

Monday Elder Ni’s last P-day. We played Clue and Monopoly Deal, Elder Ni’s requests. Then we drove Sugar Land 2 around because they don’t have a car. Finally, we visited Y and reviewed the ten commandments with him.

Tuesday we had district meeting and Elder Zhang told me I was giving a talk after district meeting started. In the evening we visited the H family and talked with A. A is gone now and it’s so sad. I’m gonna miss the guy. Now he’s in Vancouver with his daughter. At home after we planned in the evening we had a fun Nerf fight and messed around with some green mustaches we got, that was fun.

Wednesday we went to Y’s house to help her practice for her citizenship test, we also got to eat sushi and it was actually good, I kinda like sushi now. We visited S and brought Y with us. We had a good lesson but S didn’t want to accept a baptismal date. In the evening we visited with L and he speaks Cantonese so I had no idea what was going on. I actually almost fell asleep during the lesson, it was a close one.

Thursday Sister G took us to Cheddars because Elder Ni requested it. It was really good, I ordered some ribs and they were great, American food is my favorite! We went to office depot and printed out some posters for English class. It cost be $25 so it better help us get some new students. Basketball night was crazy and it was all drama. Kids were crying, hitting their heads on the ground and everyone was offended. We didn’t get to play any basketball at all.

Friday I was working with Elder Tang and Elder Mickelson. We visited with S and went we knocked on the door she was watching the restoration video so we watched that with her and then talked about the restoration. We went to Sister T’s house and called animal control which was good, they said they’d come but then there was a huge storm so they didn’t come get the dogs or they just didn’t come. For dinner we went to Super 6 with Sister M and her husband Brother Z. While we were eating the storm started and then it was so crazy, there were a bunch of flash floods. Elder Tang and I got stranded in some person’s driveway because the water was too deep in the street, eventually we drove through the deep water and didn’t get stuck luckily. If we had stayed we would’ve been stuck for many hours. I love that the rain and the thunder in Houston is so crazy, I love it.

Saturday for morning exercises Elder Jensen and I jumped in puddles outside, it was fun. We did some super long service at Sister T’s house cleaning her house, putting up boards on her gate, it was interesting. It was about 3 hours. Afterward we had to shower and then go to B’s house for dinner. We had the best hispanic food I’ve had so far, probably the only hispanic food. We taught A outside and then printed out some English things at the church.

Sunday, S went to the YSA ward which is good but kinda sad for us. We did have A and T come to church. We found R, F, J and T messing around outside and it was fun. It started raining outside and then we couldn’t visit with A but it all worked out.

Today is Elder Ni’s last day so we took some pictures and then saw him off. He’ll be in Utah later today which is so weird, it’s gone by fast. I don’t have any cool plans for later today but I bet I’ll do something fun. We now have a new elder Ni in our mission, he’s a missionary from Taiwan and it’s interesting. His Chinese is good.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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