Week 34! April 13, 2015

Monday we had a fun zone activity, we played basketball and we played Mafia and some other games that the Sisters wanted to play, it had something to do with animal noises ha. We also played ultimate frisbee which was fun. For lessons we taught two people over the phone, K and Sister H, that was crazy, then we visited M and taught her at her door. It was interesting ha.

Tuesday we had a training on how to teach English class and talking about the church’s program daily dose. I loved it and I learned a lot. We had a dinner appointment at the J family’s home and it took forever. We got there, all five of us Chinese elders. We talked for a while and I got to talk with Elder Mickelson (idk how to spell it). His Chinese is just like mine when I got here ha. I talked with S our investigator for a while and then we finally ate and it wasn’t anything super weird so I appreciated the food.

Wednesday we had Elder Zhang with us for an exchange which was interesting. Anyways, First we had district meeting and having Elder Mickelson, K there for the first time reminded me of being born into our district meeting and that I was so lost. He probably felt the same way. After district meeting we visited Sister T, still kinda crazy but she’s super nice still. We visited J and did some family history with him and then brought him to teach his neighbor Sister L, it was a good lesson, we sang this Chinese song called youyiweishen (有一位神) which was fun. I enjoy singing for people. J played the guitar for us.

Thursday we taught S with Elder Jensen and Elder Glover, she didn’t accept a date but we tried inviting her. We mowed sister H’s lawn and finally got her to pay her tithing. To end the day we brought Y to basketball night and then taught all of the kids a lesson about Christ and his atonement. R and all of his friends are hard to teach but we pulled through the lesson. Basketball was actually fun because we had lots of people come and many adults.

Friday it was raining like crazy but we had weekly planning so we were lucky. So we went n a weird exchange so I got to work with Elder Ni. We taught English at Bellarive and then ate at pizza patron which is super good and cheap. We got sworn at by this American guy who knew Chinese swear words. We got shot at by kids with nerf guns and we taught Mr. W. and Mrs. C. It was a great exchange and I had fun talking with ELder Ni. It is probably my last time working with him in the mission.

Saturday we made some cool posters and flyers for English class but they aren’t finished yet. We taught R and A and played Jenga with them. I also got to try to ride a skateboard which Idk how to do. We talked with M.

Sunday we had church and we had A and T come to church. S and M didn’t come and we tried calling them but they didn’t answer. We ran to the gate and we taught A and T, we were lucky we found them. We finally taught A and he really wants to be baptized but his mom won’t let him.

Today so far is pretty normal. It’s Elder Ni’s last P-day so we will basically o whatever he wants to do. Maybe play some Sanguosha or something. Hopefully, it will be fun.

— Looking back on this week even though it was hard at times, overall it was good. We taught people and tried our best. I know there are many areas that we can change and improve on.

The new Elder is great and he reminds me of myself when I first got here. Hopefully his Chinese progresses faster than mine did. It’s strange that Elder Ni is already leaving, boy does time fly. I love the mission and I learn so much out here. There is always a great spirit with us because we testify of our Savior Jesus Christ all the time and we pray so many times a day and then don’t forget about studying in the morning and serving others. I love it here in Houston for now. (The summer is going to be Hot!)
My challenge of the week is to pray as many times a day that you can and everyday read some scriptures and Feast upon the words of Christ!!
Love ya’ll back at home. Have fun with the nice weather.

Elder Wimmer
Wèi zhǎnglǎo


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