Week 33! April 6, 2015

This week has been great! Conference and Easter and many blessings. The mission’s still teaching me so much and I love learning and changing. Here’s my week.

Monday was my first day on bikes and it was interesting. We were fine riding to a few potentials houses and then on the way toward our appointment with R, my chain broke while crossing the street and then a member saw us and helped us put the chain together but we didn’t put it on right so we needed to break it again to fix it. We tried using some tools at R’s house but it was no use. We invited the L family to come have FHE at R’s house. R played his Chinese flute for us. After that we walked home pushing the bike for awhile but eventually we got there safe and sound.

Tuesday we taught Sister T and then we went to Z’s house in Baytown for dinner. Again it was good food, it took most of our afternoon/evening. We had some good cow tail which I’ve never had before, it actually tasted better than I was expecting. We taught a teenager named D who could be our investigator soon. We visited J who played the guitar for us. He’s only been playing for 1 month.

Wednesday we met with K and he’s finally okay. He realized he has problems and he wants to change. He read Ye Shall Not Be Offended and he liked it. He still has a way to go but he wants to change. We had dinner at the L house and we had some great salad and chicken. I love chicken, still my favorite food by far. We tried visiting S but she went fishing again. Every day she goes fishing. We tried driving around the lake to find her because her Aunt told is where on the lake she was but we couldn’t find her. Why do 20 year old Chinese females like fishing so much?! After searching for S we visited with J again to follow up on how he’s doing.

Thursday all our appointments canceled on us but we did have some investigators come to basketball. We taught Andy and we found where R always goes to hang out with his friends.

Friday we had zone meeting and weekly planning so that took up a ton of time. After that we went and had dinner at Sister K’s house and then taught her less active husband’s brother Z. It was a great lesson and it was very spiritual. We were all crying and I learned a lot and it was just awesome. We were there for 3 hours which is discouraging but it was awesome. He still didn’t come to church to watch conference but he might of watched it at home.

350-first presidency
Saturday. Gee is President Thomas S. Monson looking so old, kinda sad. :0 Conference was awesome. K came to watch with us and we taught A and he was going crazy during the lesson. I really learned so much during conference. I can’t write down all the notes and things I learned. I did watch one session in Chinese and it was so hard to understand but I got kinda what was being said.

Sunday was the same as Saturday in that it was awesome. A great second day of conference. Not that many people came to conference but that’s okay. We had a bunch of Chinese members come because we had lunch at the church. My favorite talk of the day was Elder Holland’s, I was crying during that talk and it was so spiritual. We taught R and T about missionary work and the priesthood which was fun but T still wants to wait till he’s 18 to get baptized. We visited A and he too wants to be baptized when he’s 18 so we’ll help both of them.

Today has been good, nothing fun so far. We have a zone activity later where we are going to play some type of games. Hopefully it will be fun. Here’s some quotes from conference:
#Spacious Building.
Giving in, giving up, and giving out is not an option! To hang in there is not a principle of the gospel. – Kevin W. Pearson
RM does not mean retired missionary – Elder M. Russell Ballard

Thanks for listening.
Hope everyone has a good week.
Elder Wimmer


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