Week 32! March 30, 2015

Texas Houston South Mission Chinese Missionaries

Texas Houston South Mission Mandarin Missionaries

Monday we played LDSopoly which was fun. We met with D and A which was fun. A was crazy. We played basketball with these kids that live next to P because P wasn’t home.

Tuesday we met with S and taught her about keeping the Sabbath day holy. We found a new investigator named H and she was actually cool, she goes to the Chinese bible church. We visited with L and talked about General Conference. Finally to end the day we went to Go Go Ice for my last time in the transfer with Elder Zhang.

Wednesday was transfer meeting and I was worried that I might be going English but now I’m with Elder Tang so I’m still Chinese for at least one transfer.

So the Chinese South area is a lot different. We visited D and tried to fix her pool and then tried Sister T’s brother. We helped Y do his homework and visited with Sister S’s niece named S. S is way cool and she has a baptismal date next month. She just got here from China and she’s awesome. We visited her with a member named G, Brother H’s daughter, that’s a Senior I think.

Thursday we mowed Sister H’s lawn, not the new investigator and taught her the restoration. We met with K. It’s hard to teach him. We bought some medicine for Sister T because M was really sick. We tried to fix D’s pool again and brought J but we couldn’t fix it. We had sports night with a bunch of kids and a few adults. We taught all the kids and it was good but the kids laugh way too much. R and T together is just chaos.

Friday we taught early morning seminary which was interesting. Half the class was asleep haha. After English class we had weekly planning which took forever because I just got to the area. We visited Sister T which is always fun haha. We visited D and we found out that they fixed the problem.  We visited M but she is still crazy and only wants to visit with Elder Ni. She was confused why he wasn’t teaching her anymore.

Saturday we helped T and his mom S set up their TV and hook up this Chinese thing to it.  It’s like netflix but better and you have to buy this box thing for $100 and that’s it.  We taught A, R’s neighbor and now we’re going to start teaching him again. He could be baptized soon if he comes to church. We drove a lot after dinner. We wasted all our miles for the month and didn’t teach anyone but that’s okay. At least we didn’t get in another car accident.

Sunday was fast Sunday.  After church we taught A and T and it was fun. S came to church and later in the evening we visited her and taught her about the gospel of Jesus christ. We also visited A and followed up on his reading and praying. He’s finally progressing.

Today has already been fun. We had computer problems for an hour or so but that’s okay. We don’t really have any special plans for today but we’ll probably play some games or something.

I was reading “Our Heritage” and I found a personal motto of President Taylor and I love it. “The Kingdom of God or Nothing!” So good.

I love everyone in the world and hope that everyone can feel God’s love and can know that they have a Father in Heaven.

Love you all

See you next week

Elder Wimmer


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