Week 29 ! March 9, 2014

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Monday we had a zone activity and played Basketball and Scatterball. I don’t necessarily like Scatterball that much but it was fun. We had a random member present a lesson with Brother L and his wife, I call them “S” L  because that’s where they live, everyone’s last name is L. So we taught them about family history and invited them to come to church with Sister C the member that already was at their house. We also visited Y who I think is super funny and his English isn’t that great but it’s alright.

Tuesday was our zone conference which was awesome. I learned a lot and we also had some great food. We practiced teaching the My Family Lesson and the Atonement. It’s so hard to teach the Atonement perfectly because I still don’t understand it perfectly. The best part of the conference is that we finally picked up some lights for our apartment so we now have light and we don’t have to use the kitchen light. We found a great thing in our mail after the conference as well. An overdue bill. Our apartment complex doesn’t like us because we always get bills late and then get in trouble but it happens every week so at the office they kind of understand.

Wednesday we talked with Mr. G at English class and he said we could come visit him at his house sometime. We visited Sister T because Elder Tang decided he needed to go try a referral that lived an hour away. They actually answered and listened to the message but they live too far away. We ate Little Caesar’s which is expensive for us missionaries, it was awesome. We OYM’d a lady who seemed awesome and I hope she gets taught by the missionaries we gave her contact information to.

Thursday we did some family history at church because we were told to do so from President Ashton. We taught English at Bellarive and it was so much fun. I was just laughing the whole time because I love old people and everyone’s English is super funny.

Friday I had to take over the area with Elder Kemp, a YSA elder. We visited with Mr. G and he gave us some tea and it was so hard trying to explain to him that we don’t drink tea. The wife might of been offended but Mr. G listened and he accepted a Book of Mormon and he hopefully has already read it. I taught Sister D the My Family Lesson which in my opinion is easy and super powerful. She actually understood what I was talking about but U and J didn’t because they don’t ever understand what I’m talking about. They got maybe parts of it but what can I do about it now. Chinese really comes slowly.

Saturday we talked with Y and we had dinner with the D Family and it was pretty weird but it tasted alright. We had to drive 40 minutes to get there. We visited with J and she is awesome, super prepared. No questions about anything and could teach us any lesson that we’ve taught her.

Sunday after a lot of drama we had sister D’s/ J’s baptism during the 2nd hour which was not planned for. It was awesome. She finally got baptized and her husband baptized her.  I was just so happy because her family was super happy and it was just full of smiles. After church we had 32! people at ward choir and they forced me to sing with them. They found me in a classroom teaching T and switched me with Elder Ni. I like singing but it’s painful with all the Chinese singers. I do think it is tons of fun though. S actually came to church!! She invited us to come to her house and we discussed the plan of salvation. We took all of her tea and gave her herbal tea, also she broke up with her boyfriend because he didn’t like her dog, whatever haha.

Today so far has been great. We did another deep clean and our apartment is super clean now. I should take before and after pictures next time! So today is Elder Clark’s last P-day, so sad. He’s been here in Sugar Land 2 the whole time I’ve been here. We’ll try to play his last San Guo Sha game today. we haven’t played for a while.

Thanks for listening everyone, I love all of you.

Keep praying, reading, repenting, and following the example of our Savior of Jesus Christ.

Love Elder Jacob Kamalei Wimmer

Wei Zhang Lao


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