Week 31! March 23, 2015


Monday we went to the Alligator park (Brazos State Park) and we had a lot of fun. I at least took 100 pictures of a bunch of alligators. We visited O’s husband which was fun. We got P to admit that he has a smoking problem and shared with him the 14 steps of quitting.

Tuesday we had district meeting and we did a bunch of roleplays. We did some service for the Annie Kids musical going on at our stake center and it was fun. We didn’t expect being in the stage crew but Elder Tang and I had fun moving sets and being yelled at ha.

Wednesday we almost died!! It was crazy. Sister D drove us to the same pool we helped her clean once. We almost got into a crash multiple times, like really close. We visited with S and P and it again was lessons with all our recent converts that just keep having new problems that we find. We again had practice for Annie and it was less stressful because we knew what we were doing. The kids were still really crazy though and Sister W the lady in charge reminds me of TB back at home when I did theater, so much fun.

Thursday we did some weekly planning and tried to meet with some less actives and then we had another night of Annie Rehearsal. I got to know some of the kids in the play and it was lots of fun. After rehearsal Elder Tang really wanted to go visit M and he really wanted to go so we did and we drove around for 30 minutes and he didn’t know where his house was so we went back home.

Friday was the big day. The performance of Annie and the kids did awesome. We talked to some people after and got some phone numbers. All the kids got a full house and we gave out 40 Book of Mormons, also we gave out a lot of pass along cards. Watching the musical brought great memories. I want to go be in some musical now. The show really was super great.

Saturday in the afternoon we went by Y and S who were both home but didn’t answer the door. We saw them inside their homes. We did teach Sister D about preparing to go to the temple and it was awesome. W and C our new investigators were also awesome. We taught them the restoration and they really do have some interest in learning about the gospel and coming to church.

Sunday C came to church with her son who’s either 4 or 5. So for church we had branch conference with the stake leaders and it was interesting. There was a bunch of translating going on, that’s for sure. I actually understand mostly what was going on. After church we had cake because of the Relief society’s birthday?, something like that. We talked with A who I now believe is crazy but she is super funny and I want to meet with her sometime. We had dinner with two members from the YSA ward and they were super nice. They invited their Chinese neighbors over and our message about families and the Book of Mormon was awesome. They accepted a Book of Mormon and a bible and they are new investigators for us now. They want to learn more and they don’t have any religious background so we’ll start from scratch and hopefully see them at church soon.

Today we got transfer calls and there are many people from our district being transferred including Elder Ni and I. We’ll see on Wednesday where we get sent to. I probably will switch with Elder Ni. We don’t have any plans for today except that I’m going to cut my hair today and probably pack a little and then our evening is busy working in Elder Ni’s area because he has the departing missionary dinner to attend.

Thanks for all the emails and the support.
I love everyone who’s out there reading.
Build and strengthen your testimony everyday by reading and praying. It really only takes a few minutes and it sure does change your life.
That’s my challenge for everyone this week.
See ya next week,

Elder Wimmer


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