Week 30! March 15, 2015

Elder Tang & Elder Wimmer

Elder Tang & Elder Wimmer

Transfer 4 Week 5

Only one more week left in the transfer, boy how time flies! So crazy!! This week has been super crazy and it has been an awesome week. I hear that’s it’s been exciting at home with Blake coming home and Austin almost home. I wish I could’ve watched Shrek with all the little ones in it, I bet it was awesome. Shayla as teenage Fiona and Grant as the Lord Farquad, plus Preston as poppa bear. SO good. Anyways, here’s my week really fast. Basically, my daily log haha.

Monday was Elder Clark’s last P-Day in the field until he goes home to the land of infinite P-Day’s as we like to call it. We played San Guo Sha and it had been a long time since everyone had played so it took forever and we had to teach the newbies how to play. After games and fun we talked with Y and met his next door neighbor who is 18 and doesn’t have anything really to do so he seems good to teach.

Tuesday we had Church’s Chicken, Tuesday special, the best! Our district meeting went well. It was Elder Freestone’s birthday so we had some cupcakes, he’s now 22, so old. We visited with Y again because it’s Spring break and he has no friends, we just wanted him off the computer for at least 30 minutes. We had dinner at the K’s and it was good but just not my type of food. We had some rare steak and I’m not the biggest fan of steak, it tasted alright. We also had some weird Chinese dessert that I didn’t care for but it was good. Because the K’s live 1 hour away right next to the Houston temple it took our whole evening but we did teach a less active L at their house. On the way home Elder Ni was driving and our GPS lost signal and we kinda got lost but we made it home eventually, just pretty late.

Wednesday I had to take over the area and I was with Elder Freestone. Wednesday was a day full of mess ups. ALL our appointments cancelled on us and our English class was messed up and there were conflicts with the planning. We ended up walking around China Town all day and OYMing people and trying chome potentials that never answer their door. At the end of the day we were in Happy Village and we didn’t have anything to do so we followed the spirit and knocked on only a few doors on the way to our car and I remember looking at a door and it was cracked open and there was a kid laughing. I thought, finally some happy people. We knocked on the door and a lady answered and I asked her if we could teach them and she said they were busy because she was going to China and she and her son were sick but we could teach her husband who is home every night, so we found one potential for the whole day. His name is Mr. N.

Thursday I worked with Elder Tang in his area and it was a lot of fun. We taught R and T. I taught T’s dad, S, English, then we ate lunch at Sister Z’s house who always has the best food. We did some service at the church for the Annie production that will be on the 20th. Even though it was raining we still visited Sister H and helped mow her lawn, I got mud all over me but it was fun. In the evening we played basketball at the church and talked with S about T being baptized and he still says to wait until T is 18 but T is 13 and we can’t wait that long.

Friday I was in my area with Elder Tang. Elder Clark left in the morning and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him which was sad. I did get to say hi to Elder Thacker though who is Elder Clark’s replacement and I got to grab some chocolate that Elder Clark left here for everyone to take. Elder Thacker is allergic to chocolate. :0 So we were going to visit with S but she canceled on us so we had no appointments so we decided to go try some potentials that are kinda productive, it worked out great. We visited with R and she seems great she just is busy on Sundays and can’t come to church. Also her work is random so we can’t plan any visits with her. We talked with her neighbor Tran who is Vietnamese and she seemed awesome, we shared the restoration and then she gave us a bunch of referrals and all her contact information. We gave it all to the Vietnamese elders. We OYM’d this awesome guy who I guess is a teacher and he’s super smart and knows the bible really well. His name is Mr. W, he’s super cool. We got his phone number and know he lives in Louisville where we go almost everyday so we’ll visit him sometime. For some reason Elder Tang wanted to watch part of the Testaments with Y so we did and then we read scriptures with him.

Saturday was AWESOME! We found 3 new people to teach. We taught Mr. N, the guy I found and he is willing to learn, he just doesn’t want to go to church yet. V gave us a referral and we visited them and they were awesome. Mr. W and his wife only wanted to speak English with us because they wanted to practice and it was pretty good. So Mr. W had been to our church before in college with his roommates who were members. He also had read parts of the BofM and he seemed super willing to learn. He will be baptized soon I hope and V told us after the visit that she knew he wanted to be baptized, IDK how she knows that but it seemed like it. We gave him a BofM even though he said he already had one somewhere and committed them to pray about it being true and the word of God, so awesome.

Sunday Sister D got confirmed and then canceled our visit with her in the evening, kinda weird but at least she got confirmed, it was a very big circle of people confirming her. I finally got to eat some more pizza at Chinese South’s apartment because Sugar Land 2 had some leftovers in their fridge. At church Bro. K spoke and he spoke in English. After church I sang in the choir and again it was interesting. We still aren’t very good but I still think it’s fun. We visited a less active Brother C who is the owner of a bike we had in our apartment and I decided after church that I didn’t want it there anymore so figured out where he lives and then took it to him and shared the restoration and he seemed awesome. He was taking care of a 96 year old guy which is why he can’t come to church. Also he doesn’t have a car and doesn’t know how to drive one.

But he was awesome and it’s the first time I’ve heard of the guy because he isn’t in the ward directory and he hasn’t come to church for 3 years I think.

Today we cleaned our apartment super well and we are going to go to the Alligator park later today, hopefully it will be cool. I’ll take a bunch of pictures.

Well I’m all out of time but here is a spiritual thought, I know that our savior Jesus Christ loves all of us and when we strive everyday to become like him it slowly changes our lives and we can really see a difference.

I love all of you at home, have a good week, by next week I’ll see if I’m staying in this area or moving or going to English, IDK but it’ll be exciting.

Thanks for listening

Elder Wimmer

Wei Zhang Lao


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