Week 28! March 2, 2015

Monday we played some monopoly and it took many hours but eventually I won because of course I’m a monopoly champion, thanks to everyday playing monopoly as a child. We visited D and J and to our surprise D was smoking which is crazy right after his baptism but we didn’t tell him we were coming so we surprised him. I finally got to visit a less active T, he’s super funny and I was laughing a lot. He thinks his English is good but it really isn’t that great.

Tuesday a man let us in to a less actives building which normally we can’t get into, he was super nice. We visited P/X. He’s now our new investigator, he finally accepted us to come teach him. We were walking in Chinatown in some less active’s apartment complexes and we talked to a few people that might be interested and got their phone numbers and addresses.

Wednesday we had a hard time visiting people because everyone in Chinatown normally works after 10 until the evening. We visited wit D and he denied smoking which is lame but it’s his decision to lie to us. We tried visiting a less active named E, P’s son and he chomed us. He said he was sick and in bed but I don’t believe him, maybe it was true though.

Thursday we did some service for Sister S again moving her fridge and some other heavy things. That took a while so after that we did our weekly planning and then went and taught English at Bellarive. We didn’t even have time for one lesson. Time flies by so fast.

Friday we had 2 new students at English class which was awesome. We had a really long zone meeting which took all afternoon. We taught Sister D and the P Family and the lessons were great. We think that D isn’t smoking anymore. It might of been a one time thing.

Saturday we visited a less active named C and she was nice. We helped clean a pool for some guy who’s in China right now. We ate at Subway which was my 2nd time on the mission. Sister D also passed her interview which was fantastic, she’s pretty set for baptism on the 8th.

Sunday we had a great fast and testimony meeting, we also had 22 people come to ward choir which is like 1/4th of the branch. We still don’t sound good though lol. We taught Sister D and answered all of her false doctrine problems she got from her father in law lol.

Today we cleaned our apartment and now it looks almost spotless.

The mission is awesome and it’s hard finding people but we talk to everyone and teach everyone.

Love you all, share your testimonies

Love Elder Wimmer


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