Week 27! February 23, 2015


Six Months! Elder Wimmer has been gone six months!

Crazy how time flies. Slow down a little!

Happy New Years


So this week to further develop my mandarin we did a lot of role plays and OYM’s to practice my Chinese. It’s still hard but it’s coming along slowly. Everyday I practice and listen and it really is progressing so fast which is great. Many frustrating things happened this week but afterward I learned a lot from them. I’m so grateful for Heavenly father providing me with these learning experiences and opportunities. I love my Heavenly Father, My Savior Jesus Christ, and I love everyone on this earth, everyone is a child of God and is my brother or sister.

Monday I cut my own hair. It’s okay, really simple and easy to do. If I cut my own hair I’ll save some money to buy more food! Haha. Mrs. W from our English class invited us over for dinner which was awesome. We ate so many dumplings and she was cooking for us so we never really had time to talk with her which is lame but I normally talk with her for an hour every day so it’s fine. We visited P and for some reason he didn’t want to baptized his younger brother P and his wife which is weird but we figured it out eventually.

Tuesday I got to hogwash with Mrs. W for an hour like usual. K needed someone to go visit him and Elder Ni and Tang were busy so Elder Zhang and I went and visited him. K is so crazy but it’s a miracle that he’s coming back to church.  One day I thought that I needed to call him but he didn’t answer. Later he contacted us and asked if we could talk with him and help him call someone about his car crash. Now he comes to church every week and he really still is crazy but the members are great and help him and we help him the best we can. After K we tried many potentials and we had no success. I worked with Elder Tang for the evening and it was fun, we visited Y and helped him do his homework and then we hogwashed a little bit. P and P had their interview today with Elder Mastergeorge and they passed. They forgot some but they really do have testimonies which is awesome.

Wednesday we played basketball in the morning which always puts me in a good mood. We finally went to medical center and I thought it was going to be some building or center place but it’s really just a neighborhood/area, it wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be. We tried many potentials but no one answered their door. That area is kinda dead. We went to Baytown to eat dinner at Z’s house and it was great except super awkward. It was actually a party. Tons of people came that we didn’t know were going to come and then there was alcohol and it was okay, nothing crazy happened but it still was weird. that’s Chinese New Year for you.

Thursday was weird because no one came to English class. Instead we practiced the lion dance because Elder Tang really needed the practice. We went to Chinatown and talked with people but no one was interested. We knocked on potentials doors but no answers. We tried our best and during the whole day we talked to one lady and she gave us her phone number. We figured out she lives in Sugar Land so we gave the phone number to Elder Tang and Ni. We taught English at Bellarive and it was lots of fun, old people are so funny. We played basketball with people from the branch at the church after English and it was lots of fun.

Friday we had a special training about a bunch of different things. Obedience, the restoration, OYM, etc. It was lots of fun and I learned a lot of interesting things. I worked with Elder Tang for the day.

Saturday numbers wise was terrible with all 0’s but it’s fine because numbers don’t matter. We had our awesome Chinese New Year’s Party which was a huge success. I couldn’t count how many non members or less actives. We probably had more than 200 people come with around 30-40 non members and a lot of less actives. It was kinda crazy and loud and people were arguing about super funny games and the crowd was really having a good time. We successfully performed the lion dance and had a fun time ding it as well. I tried to talk to people especially those that spoke English and it was a great time. I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

Sunday we had three baptisms!!! It was a great experience. Sister T was great and P and P were awesome. It was a great spiritual experience, I can’t even explain it in words. Finally, two families have all been baptized. We went and found a homeless guy downtown and figured out he is actually a member and that he got baptized in Arizona, so cool. We gave him a sleeping bag and a few other things that he might need. We visited Sister D and she is so ready for baptism, it’s fantastic. I can’t wait. She does have a lot of random questions about deep doctrine things but that’s because she hears it from church members and things like that. We answered all her questions and her concerns, it’s awesome.

Today has been super great. We cleaned our apartment a lot and threw away old games and things left here from other missionaries. Some of it is some pretty old stuff. Now we’re emailing and we were going to go o china town and shop but it now looks like it might take too much time so we’re going to good old Walmart where you can meet the most interesting people there. Normally it’s the super weird workers but they are super hilarious and fun to talk to.

The mission life is awesome and so much fun.

Keep spreading the gospel and have fun in life, read the scriptures and pray. Everything will be alright if you do those two simple things

Love everyone out there reading

Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao


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