Week 26! February 16, 2015

Elder Zhang and Elder Wimmer

Elder Zhang and Elder Wimmer

Monday I had my first kolache and it was super good. Why don’t they have them in Utah, I don’t know. Mom’s note – a Kolache is a Czech pastry that is very popular in Texas. It is made with with sweetened yeast dough formed into rolls and filled with fruit, cheese or sausage before baking. Our zone activity was tons of fun, we played a game called scatterball which was lots of fun, it’s basically free for all dodgeball but it keeps going until one person has killed everyone and it gets pretty crazy. Our appointments in the evening chomed us except for M but she was super crazy today. She was going off on random things and the more we meet with her we think she won’t be able to learn. From what I understood, actually she just made no sense to me, didn’t understand at all.

Tuesday I got to do some more hogwashing at English class and I did a lot of packing in the evening because I have so much random junk that I don’t actually need. We met with Y and R which is always fun, R is such a funny kid, I love him. He’s just a punk and won’t do what we tell him to do but he’s just too young I guess. We taught Sister T and reviewed the commandments with her, that lesson was probably the last time I will teach her as an investigator.

Wednesday was normal hogwashing in the morning and some good studying of the scriptures in the morning, then cray transfer meeting. Lots of change, not a ton of change but unexpected change. So I got put with Elder Zhang, Elder Peterson got sent to English in Lake Jackson, and Elder Tang came back with Elder Ni. Also Elder Palmer took our car to Maaco to get it estimated again and then we lost the car. They said they would just keep it but we needed the car for transfer reasons so it was a lot of chaos and stress but everything worked out, we don’t the car though which is a pain but now I get to drive Elder Tang and Ni around places so it works out. We said our Goodbye’s to Elder Peterson and took pictures because Elder Ni will be gone when Elder Peterson gets back. We visited L who is a less active and he’s going to move to china soon, then we went to S’s house to eat dinner. S is just going down hill. She is drinking coffee, alcohol, and tea. We tried to visit P but he chomed us and said that they were all sleeping but obviously they weren’t because it was like 7 p.m. and their car wasn’t home from what we could tell.

Thursday we ate Hot Pot at Sister Z’s house and I actually liked it this time, Chinese food is growing on me. We went and translated some document for some sketchy guy, he wouldn’t tell us his name and his phone number was blocked and he said he’s always moving around. It seemed like he did something illegal but that’s none of our business, he bought us food so that was nice haha. Our English class in the evening was actually fun, old people are so much fun, especially when their English is terrible.

Friday we visited L in League city. We’re going to drop him because his step father doesn’t want us to teach him and he’s not very interested. He just likes playing Ping Pong with us. Elder Nilson visited us today, he’s the housing coordinator. We had to clean for him for like an hour. We visited the P family and it was a miracle. I have been praying that our investigators have a desire to get baptized and finally sister P said she wanted to be baptized with her husband, awesome! She told us this after she had already said no and we were on the way out to the car.

Saturday we did some service for sister S carrying furniture, then we did all our studying. Elder Ni and Elder Tang got kicked out of the library because the security guard is a chome. If I was in there I wouldn’t of allowed him to kick me out. We had our lion dance practice and it looks kinda good now. Elder Tang has to learn Elder Peterson’s part but it’s not that hard. We did a practice interview with P and P and they pretty much passed, we just need to review a few things with them.

Sunday was normal church, we taught P during the second hour and went over the interview questions again. We had branch council. I did like it though because it was my first one and it was mostly in English so I understood 90% of what was going on. We went over to Sister Z’s house to teach A who was with her son E and then they fed us dinner which was awesome and it tasted awesome. They also gave us some food to take home which was super nice of them. We visited Sister D and it was another Miracle. She gave herself a date on March 8th and all we did was review the restoration and answer a ton of her questions. Finally, she’s going to be baptized.

Today was very busy in the morning. We spent a long time cleaning and cleaning our apartment. It wasn’t that much fun but it sure looks a lot nicer now.

Next week should be awesome and I’m so grateful that I’m out here serving the Lord and spreading the word of God. My testimony sure is growing and I’m learning to love everyone and talk with everyone.

I love you all and I wish you all luck wherever you are.

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Elder Wimmer


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