Week 25! February 9, 2015

Monday was a great P-day, I loved it. Elder Zhang wanted me to buy some Pokemon cards to play with him so I bought some and then he gave me lots of cards and made my deck really good haha. We of course played San Guo Sha with Chinese North and it was lots of fun. We visited with Brother S** and he’s good, he still needs to move out so he can get baptized. We taught Brother L**’s two daughters and they seem a little interested in the gospel, we’ll see what happens for them. We got a call right before we went to bed and Sister T** called and her and Michelle were crying. They said their two big dogs broke into their house and attacked all the small dogs. Two of them got killed, the others got scratched up but are still okay or ran away. Craziness!!

Tuesday we had zone meeting which always takes forever because we have a ton of people now but it’s fun and we learn some good stuff there. We tried a bunch of potentials and it was a lot of everyone not being interested but it was okay. I had another first in the mission experience today, got in a car accident. Some old dude hit into the side of me and he was kinda sketchy. He said he just got out of the hospital and he was homeless, it was interesting. I’m pretty positive it was his fault but I’ll find out later. Thankfully no one got hurt but the car definitely did haha. We also needed to switch the tire because it popped when he hit us, it turns out that our car doesn’t have a jack so we had other elders drive a long ways to bring us one, that was so much fun. :/

Wednesday I was working with Elder Alexander and it was lots of fun. I hogwashed a lot at English class because Elder Peterson had to leave to go translate something for some investigators. We met with K** and I love K**, he’s just crazy. Elder Alexander was surprised that he really was crazy. We took the car to Maaco to get it estimated and it was like $4,400. That’s a lot of money! We visited Sister T** and taught her the ten commandments with the hand signs, that was lots of fun. Afterward we went to dinner with her and M** and the older brother J**. We went to American Chinese Restaurant again and it was so authentic. I don’t know why it has American in the title of the restaurant but I thought it was really good. Elder Alexander and Kemp maybe thought otherwise haha. We tried Sister M** with Sister H** but her husband wasn’t home so we couldn’t enter. It was a waste of miles but at least we tried.

Thursday we helped sister D** buy gas because even though she’s been here for many months, she still doesn’t understand how to buy gas, Chinese ladies haha. We had weekly planning which was fun, we have a lot of potentials actually. A great miracle happened. President Ashton interviewed Sister T** and she passed, we filled out her paper and she has a date on the 22nd. We visited Y** to review the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then we played basketball at the church. It was just R** and all his friends. Teenagers are so annoying, I’m not going to teach Middle School haha.

Friday we found a new investigator while trying potentials, another miracle. His name was B** and we have tried his house before actually. We played some basketball with him and he wants us to teach his family because he’s Christian but the rest aren’t so that’ll be fun haha. We had dinner at Sister K**’s house and we talked with her less active husband, it was super funny. I was laughing a lot because he had the strangest comments and questions. Now I know that I really don’t like red bean soup, I don’t understand why people like it, it tastes gross.

Saturday we ate at Brother H**’s house and it was American food, yay! It was okay actually. We helped some people tear down a building and that was some fun service. We tried visiting R** and A** but both weren’t home. The lion dance practice was lots of fun. It’s so hot in that big lion suit but it’s fun. We also played some frisbee outside which is my favorite. We talked with Older Brother P* about his little brother being baptized and I as talking with A**, she is so funny.

Sunday was a great Sunday, a lot of people came to church. President Poon’s son was baptized with Sister L** after church, a really great experience. We gave R** a suit and he finally wore it to church but he left church to go hang out with his friends. We’re working with him. We drove to Katy after the two baptisms and refreshments to visit Y** and some potentials. We knocked on Y**’s door and he answered but he said wait a second because he was playing League of Legends. We waited for like 20 minutes and then he let us meet with him. His dad is a less active and wants us to teach him. He won’t come to church for some reason but we talked with him and he seems like a good kid. too bad he lives so far away or we’d visit with him more.

Today has already been crazy. The transfer call came in and Elder Peterson and I are being transferred which means that either we are going to switch places or he is going English and Elder Tang is coming back or I’m going English which wouldn’t be good. I’ll find out Wednesday where I’m going. Today we have our first zone activity which after shopping and things will last until 5ish, it should be lots of fun.

Thanks for listening y’all I’ll still be her next week.
Have a great week, serve the Lord and read the words of God everyday, even if it’s only one verse. The scriptures help with everything and they teach us so much.

Sincerely, Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao

***Mom’s note – There are only 6 Chinese Elders in Jake’s mission (in all 3 Houston missions). Two are out on an English assignment right now. So that just leaves 4 Chinese Elders in the Chinese Branch. Elder Wimmer will probably just swap places with one of the other Elders in the other Chinese companionship this transfer. The Chinese missionaries actually live in different apartments but in the same apartment complex. Jake’s apartment also houses an English companionship.


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