Week 24! February 2, 2015


Monday was a good P-day. For something fun, we played Monopoly deal, like a monopoly card game and we played san guo sha with the Sugar Land 2 elders, Missouri City elders, and Chinese North, it was lots of fun. We taught Brother S and he actually is progressing but he still has some problems of where he is going to live and thing like that. We taught Brother L and his two daughters and that was great. One of his daughters is 10 I think and could be baptized, she’s our new investigator. Now we need to figure out how to visit them because the father works long hours everyday.

Tuesday I hogwashed a lot at English Class with Sister L, then we went to Lunch with a member in China town. Elder Freestone came with us be cause Elder Zhang was working in a different area for the day. The food was actually really good and I liked it. We tried a ton of referrals and potentials but we had no success. We helped Y do his homework and then no one came to English class so we went back to Y’s house and he chomed us and left even though he had some more homework he needed help with.

Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Beverage and we had a ton of fun. I was still nervous of taking over the area but it was fun. English Class in the morning was a bunch of hogwash as normal and the same few people showed up. We mowed Sister H’s lawn and taught her a lesson which was great. She’s so funny and I understood what she was saying. Surprisingly she is actually reading her scriptures everyday and I think she might be praying but I’m not positive on that. Sister T just did alright in our lesson. Didn’t truly understand what we were talking about but thats fine. We taught B and I and that was lots of fun, they know pretty good English. Elder Beverage could help me teach them. I went over to M’s house and taught her and Sister H came to help us teach. It was crazy. M has problems and then add Sister H’s craziness and it is just super funny. I was laughing the whole time. The lesson went alright though. M might have learned something.

Thursday in the morning I was with Elder Zhang which is always fun. I really like working with him. After English class and studying we visited Sister T and made some new flash cards for her. We’re moving on to the 10 commandments. We didn’t have anytime to do weekly planning so we skipped that. We actually didn’t do weekly planning this week because everyday we are s busy. Elder Zhang and I were going to go to sports night at the church and play basketball but Elder Peterson locked the keys in the trunk so we waited for about an hour until Elder Palmer could bring a spare key and unlock the car for us. After that we went and played basketball and it was lots of fun.

Friday we had our district meeting and then we did interviews with President. Mine lasted 5 minutes and all we discussed was Sister T and all of her problems. Sister T canceled her lesson with us which was interesting so we actually had time to do some comp study. We ate dinner at Sister B’s house and it was awesome. She gave each of us a half chicken and I was the first to finish it haha, it tasted great. She also made creme brulee and it tasted great, I’ve never had it before. They are my favorite family to go eat at, you never go home hungry, always sick to your stomach. After dinner we visited B and helped him build his desk which was lots of fun, service is the best! Finally to end the day we cleaned the apartment because we wanted it to look really nice.

Saturday we played basketball in the morning and then had correlation meeting. We also spent the rest of the morning cleaning Sister T’s house. Taking out furniture and putting it out on the curb trying not to get bit by her dogs. It was super scary! Two of her dogs got bit by the big dogs and thy were bleeding and it was sketchy. We spent 2 hours doing service at the church for something called Kumon. We had lion dance practice and that was tons of fun. It gets really hot inside the lion suit. We visited M and she forgot everything. What the heck!

Sunday Sister T told us that one of her dogs died, so sad. We had a good fast sunday and we actually had great testimonies shared from what I understood. Our lesson with Yang Yang was alright, we reviewed the plan of salvation and he forgot a few things. We visited A at the P’s house and it actually was awesome. E seems very supportive now and they might come to church on Sunday, we’ll see what happens.

Today nothing so far has happened that is that cool. Just normal P-day. We also don’t have anything special planned for later today but it will be fun, everyday is fun. Our plan is actually the same as it was for last week. We will teach Brother S and then go teach Brother L and his 2 daughters.

The mission is awesome and I’m having a great time. Everyday I learn so much.
Not much time but I love you all.

Keep spreading the gospel.

Elder Wimmer


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